Merchant’s Picks For September

Want to know what hot items you should have on your shelves for this month? Find out with this list of Merchant’s Picks for September 2016.

Merchant Picks - September

Item NumberItem NameWHY A MERCHANT PICK?
C15 SQDS800CARPET SAVER HEAVY DUTY SQUARE SAUCER 8" It's time to move plants inside. Protect your carpet with this lightweight and durable saucer. Made in the USA.
S09 38615Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food 5MFall is for feeding your lawn. Builds strong deep grass roots for a better lawn next spring.
S09 17508EZSEED SUN/SHADE 3.75# JUGDrought damaged lawns need to be repaired. Grows anywhere!* Guaranteed! 
G81 2129175GREENVIEW FAIRWAY FORMULA FALL FERTILIZER 5M 0 PHOSPHATESpecially Designed For Use In The FallEncourages Root Growth For Winter Hardiness And Quick Spring Green-Up. Promotes Deeper Green Turf, Faster Green-Up, Brilliant Color Response And Fewer Clippings. Repairs Lawn Damage
T22 16481TETRA POND SPRING & FALL DIET 1.76LB 4LTetraPond Spring & Fall Diet is cool temperature food for koi and all pond fish. The high wheat germ content has been enriched promoting healthy fish going into fall and winter.
D07 PN14Gardeneer By Dalen Pond & Pool Netting Protective Net 14' x 14'Keeps leaves and debis out of your pond and pool during the fall season.
K50 SPF45170Schultz All Purpose 10-15-10 Plant Food Plus, 8-OunceAs the cool weather sets in outside, brighten the inside with houseplants. All purpose formula that feeds all indoor plants. Excellent for transplanting, repotting and rooting.
L61 58170USLa Hacienda Moda Enameled 24 in. Round Wood Burning Fire Pit - LimeThe Moda Firebowl is a great way to extend your time outdoors in the cool fall air.
I22 DA32I Must Garden Deer Repellent - 32oz Ready-to-Use SprayStop deer from foraging on your valuable shrubs prior to winter setting in.
T70 ZT131440LBICYCLE PLANT STAND 39"Add a plant stand to get your houseplants off the floor with a great decorartive look.

Meeting The Demand For Harsh-Ingredient-Free Lawn & Gardening Products

As consumers increasingly shun chemicals and embrace natural products, the demand for harsh ingredient-free fertilizers and plant food products continues to grow. Companies, like Purely Organic Products, LLC are meeting the need for effective lawn and gardening products. With no harsh ingredients, no biosolids and no manure, Purely Organic Products, LLC line of fertilizers, plant food products and yard sprays, provides consumers with a much-needed, convenient, family-friendly alternative.

The company has devoted over 10 years to formulating plant-based products that work.

For years, professional sports stadiums and municipalities have been utilizing Purely Organic Products, LLC fertilizers to keep their fields green and pristine. And growers have been utilizing the plant management products to boost their crop yields, without using harsh ingredients.

With the 2013 launch of Purely Organic Products, LLC consumer products line, homeowners can now take advantage of the same proven, harsh-ingredient-free products that professional sports stadiums and agricultural growers have been relying on for years.

All of Purely Organic Products, LLC lawn and gardening products are based on their mission of, “caring for your yard while keeping children, pets and the environment in mind.”

According to market research company, Packaged Facts, sales of natural and organic lawn and garden supplies reached $475 million in 2014, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4% since 2010.

“The majority of sales come from fertilizers and growth media products, with faster growth coming from pesticides, especially those related to edible gardening,” says David Sprinkle, research director at Packaged Facts. “Natural and organic product sales growth is being partly driven by increased interest in edible gardening particularly by younger consumers who are most concerned over the health and safety of chemical products.”

Proven Plant Food Products for Growing Edible Gardens Without Harsh Ingredients
From growing tomatoes and vegetables to feeding plants, flowers and culinary herb gardens, Purely Organic Products, LLC line of plant food products meet a wide-range of gardening needs. All of the products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and enable consumers to nourish their flowers and plants without turning to harsh ingredients. Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food 8-8-8 and Fish Packs are ideal for feeding produce gardens. Purely Herb is designed for feeding culinary herb gardens and Solo Packs All-Purpose Plant Food is perfect for nourishing plants and flowers. And both Fish Packs and Solo Packs boast dissolvable packs, for pre-measured, mess-free feeding.

Lawn Care Products that Promote a Lush, Green Lawn
Achieving a lush, green lawn without utilizing synthetic fertilizers is finally a reality thanks to Purely Organic Products, LLC line of plant-based lawn care products. With Lawn Food and Liquid Lawn Food, the company’s plant-based granular and liquid fertilizers and Turf Restore, their lawn repair product, homeowners can achieve an enviable, green lawn. And with no restrictions on re-entry time, children and pets are free to play on the lawn immediately after application.

Pure Defense- For Warding Off the Most Common Pests and Weeds
Weeds and crabgrass can wreak havoc on a lush lawn; and ticks, mosquitoes and grubs can put a damper on backyard fun. Purely Organic Products, LLC Pure Defense product line allows consumers to combat these common culprits without utilizing harsh ingredients. The Pure Defense product line includes 4 proven products- Tick & Mosquito Guard, Grub Shield, Crabgrass Barrier and Weed Shield– all of which are made from effective, botanical oil blends and contain no harsh ingredients.

Whether consumers are interested in growing an edible garden without relying on synthetic plant food products, or they are caring for their lawns, and combating pests and weeds, Purely Organic Products, LLC lawn and gardening sought-after products are meeting the growing demand for harsh ingredient-free alternatives that work.

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