Birding Briefs


By Abby Kleckler
Managing Editor, Lawn & Garden Retailer
There is no doubt birdwatching is an old pastime, but that’s not to say it is outdated. In the U.S., more than 68 million people say they watch wildlife for recreation around their homes, according to the latest U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service study.
These 68 million people are not all males or all females, they are not all Baby Boomers or Millennials, and they are not all birding experts.
The following three garden centers have all given their birding departments some extra attention.
One-of-a-kind products, well-attended events, unique displays and employee expertise help start the birding conversation with customers at their businesses.
Hillermann Nursery & Florist
Washington, Missouri
At Hillermann Nursery & Florist, it is not just a birding department, but a complete wildlife section.
“We encourage butterflies, bug houses, bats and any other critters that help in pollination,” says Sandi Hillermann McDonald, president of Hillermann Nursery & Florist. “We promote song birds as great insect eaters and promote the health of frogs, toads, bugs, bats, and butterflies for pollination purposes.”
Hillermann McDonald and her team offer workshops, seminars and make-and-take events in as many departments as possible. They have at least two kids birding events during the year and support the Missouri River Bird Observatory. The nonprofit has come to the store for bird tagging events.
“It is interesting to see them put up huge nets along our woods line on our property and catch birds in flight heading to the feeders,” Hillermann McDonald says. “The birds are then brought over to the crowd where we get a great close-up look at the bird for identification, then they band the bird and release it.”
A “Bird of the Week” is featured in the company’s newsletter, and corresponding sales bring customers into the store.
“Bird of the Week came about two years ago when I was looking for articles to put into my weekly newsletter, besides talking about houseplants and starting seeds,” Hillermann McDonald says. “It is a way to keep nature front and center year-round.”
Hillermann Nursery & Florist prides itself in carrying high-quality seeds, seed mixes, and suet types, without fillers.
“We even developed a ‘Bernie’s Blend’ birdseed mix that is named after my dad who is a huge birder,” Hillerman McDonald says. “It has been our No. 1 seller for many years.”
Tumalo Garden Market
Bend, Oregon
Many products at Tumalo Garden Market have a strong connection to nature, can’t be found anywhere else and have customers requesting more.
“The fly-through feeders are made out of lodgepole by a guy who’s between 70 and 80 years old,” says Michael Ludeman, owner of Tumalo Garden Market. “I sell out of this product every year.”
Ludeman says he centers his business around the birds and the bees because they’re interesting, require attention, and are fun to have around the nursery. “The idea is to set up the experience, so people get interested in birding and see there’s support products to get them what they’re looking for,” he says.
This idea, and help from Mother Nature, led to a bird fence. “We had a heavy windstorm with a lot of blow down of the trees, so I put some fence posts in and started weaving branches into a big fence system with very little wire connecting,” Ludeman says. “I’ll get up to 100 birds in the bird fence. People sit and watch the birds and want to create these fences in their backyards.”
Tagawa Gardens
Centennial, Colorado
The Seed Shack houses 5-pound or larger bags of seed and suet. The enclosed space means Tagawa Gardens can shut the door at night to keep any raccoons or mice out.
Along the back outside wall of the shack are hooks and replacement pieces and parts for feeders and birdhouses, including branch hangers and predator guards.
Tagawa hosts one of its most popular events, the Bird and Nature Festival, in February, which is National Bird Feeding Month. The day includes classes, family activities and opportunities to talk with state park and Wildlife Federation representatives.
“We have a local raptor education group, HawkQuest, that actually flies a hawk through our greenhouse,” says Beth Zwinak, manager at Tagawa Gardens. “We get really nice crowds.”
The birding department at Tagawa Gardens is right outside the annuals department and on the way to the restroom – not nearby though – so it gets a lot of foot traffic throughout the year. Some hot items include birdhouses, nesting material, butterfly houses, ladybug houses, bat boxes, and feeders.
“Hummingbird feeders are huge in Colorado from April to September, so we always have a really large selection of hummingbird feeders,” Zwinak says. “We have handmade ones all the way down to beginner, plastic ones.”
Article provided by Lawn and Garden Retailer.

Dramm Introduces A Full Line Of New Products


Put some DRAMM color in the garden this season!  
DRAMM expands the One Touch™ line of watering tools with the introduction of the Revolution™ 9-Pattern Spray Gun. Comfort, style, and precision under your thumb! Aids in any outdoor function involving water: wash your car and boat; clean your deck and sidewalk; water your flowers and young trees. Easily switch between water flow selections with the quick-change feature. The Revolution™ 9-Pattern Spray Gun is equipped with the One Touch™ Valve allowing complete and total water flow control with just one touch of your thumb. The ergonomic design, heavy-duty metal construction, and eye-catching color will revolutionize the way you look at hand watering.
The Little Buddy™ Hydroponic Clippers features 3” fine tip blades for precision cutting. Made with TPR rubber for a durable and lightweight feel, The Little Buddy™ has a spring-action design allowing for quick, easy, and accurate trimming and shaping. The Little Buddy™ Hydroponic Clippers has a locking mechanism for safe and easy storage, comes in yellow for high visibility, and is available in stainless steel blades, which resist corrosion, or titanium blades, which resist sap.
DRAMM offers a full array of “made in the U.S.A.” ColorStorm™ Soaker Hoses that vary in sizes and diameters to fit any budget. The complete line of ColorStorm™ Soaker Hoses conveniently waters gardens and beds, is made from recycled material, and thoroughly waters using less water than conventional watering.
Dramm has been making professional watering tools for nurseries, greenhouse growers and avid gardeners for over 70 years. Dramm strives to produce products that save time and energy while providing quality products that will last a lifetime.
Order Now Using Program Number: D40E5

Revive Dog Spot Treatment


Designed to solve the problem often associated with pet urine burns in grass

Colorado-based Revive, a developer of lawn care products for over 40 years, introduced its Dog Spot Treatment last year at the Arett Open House to great success.
“I was more than surprised by how many dealers were looking for a product like this for their customers” said John Eden, Sales Manager for Revive. “We had a small booth and I was writing orders constantly during the show. Many dealers expressed how their customers were waiting for a product like this to solve their lawn problems” says Eden.
Revive Dog Spot Treatment is available in a half-gallon (64 oz) spray bottle that easily attaches to any garden hose. With a 10-15 second spray on each damaged spot, the product disburses the urine concentration and treats the soil allowing the grass to return to its original healthy, green state. Revive Dog Spot Treatment is not a paint or turf dye.
Recovery begins by getting re-growth from the roots up, eliminating the need for any raking or seeding. Just spray, water in and walk away. By stimulating soil microbial activity, this will help break down the excess nitrogen that’s been deposited, much similar to a typical fertilizer burn. In fact, you can use Revive Dog Spot Treatment with great success on any browned out area during the summer due to excessive heat or drought stress conditions. The wetting agents will aid in water penetration especially where there is heavy clay soil or compaction problems. It will also help on heavy traffic areas whether it’s from foot traffic or dog paths.
Revive Dog Spot Treatment also works on other burn areas caused by cats, rabbits, etc. The key is catching the burn early before the roots die. If homeowners experience burning along driveways and walks from salt use during the winter, an early application of Revive before the grass comes out of dormancy can prevent turf loss in these areas too.
Since Revive Dog Spot Treatment is organic-based, it is safe to use around children and pets. It is also safe to use in hot summer temperatures and will not burn even with heavy applications. It’s been tested on all grass types, both warm and cool season. One 64 oz bottle will treat 100-150 spots or 2,000 square feet of turf area.
Try Revive today and learn the secret behind greener lawns.
Order Now Using Program Number: R13E1

Arett Sales’ June Market Highlights:

outlook_a01r_banner.jpgLawn and garden retailers attended the Arett Sales June Market, held on June 24 at the Valley Forge Casino Resort Event Center, and took advantage of a diverse selection of products and money-saving merchandise discounts. The show was a huge success, attracting many existing customers and new customers.

“I have goose bumps. I’m so excited!” said Renee Quinn, Landscape Home & Garden, Newburgh, NY.
“We try to attend all of the Arett [Sales] events, from the shows to the Good Tidings Showroom,” said Mary Whitcomb, Outdoor Living/Garden Supplies Buyer, Mahoney’s Garden Centers in Massachusetts. “The time invested is well worth it. We always find something new, innovative, and exciting.”
This year’s June Market was no exception. Here are some of the highlights.
Terra Verde Home (T70), the new import line exclusive to Arett Sales, was introduced at the June Market and was a resounding success. The line features quality, well-priced, lawn and garden décor and accessories that fill niche categories that can add excitement to every retailer’s assortment. As with all Terra Verde merchandise, this new collection will be available exclusively at independent garden centers and hardware stores.
Some of the hottest items of the line included several styles of bistro sets in both resin wicker and steel, with or without cushions. The canopy swing was also a popular item with buyers, as was the matching tete-a-tete. “I’ve got to have this one” was the reaction once the retailers realized the attached seats in the tete-a-tete were actually gliders.
Rounding out the Terra Verde Home selection were 6 cubic foot wheelbarrows in both steel and poly and a great selection of well-priced garden carts, hose reels, cast iron/steel bird baths, deck-rail brackets, and plant hangers. Retailers were delighted with the quality at such affordable prices.
outlook_a01r_body2Hacienda San Carlos (H94) offered a must have line of Halloween and Christmas luminaries. Pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, witches, snow men, and Christmas trees were just some of the styles available. These clay figures can be used with candles or electric lights, and are large, well-constructed, hand painted pieces made in outlook_a01r_body3Mexico. Available to ship in mid-August, they will arrive just in time for your fall and winter set ups. And don’t forget their great lineup of clay chimineas and fire bowls – now in stock and ready for delivery. These proven winners are just what your customers want for their back yard gatherings.
Tom’s Home and Garden (T37) is a direct importer of home and garden décor, offering exceptionally diverse quality product with competitive prices, and proved to be a must-visit booth at the show’s entrance.

Tom’s works with dozens of artisans from Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, China, Mexico, and the United States. Their new collections include:
• Composite Outdoor Fountains (most popular booth category)
• Reclaimed Teak:  dining tables, horse statues, and benches
• Composite Outdoor Pots and Urns
• Hang Forged Iron Décor and Tin Cachepots
• Wood Lanterns, and so much more.
Southern Patio Planters (D80) featured their planters made of cutting edge, lightweight materials that mimic expensive natural finishes. Their versatile high-density resin planters (HDR) continue to be a driving force in the decorative planter category.
 Key styles to the HDR category include the Devyn Planters, which are a breath of fresh air to any garden with the brilliant glossy colors. New colors include lagoon, paradise, orchid, and coconut, which were added to sky, lemon, framboise, and spring green. Don’t forget the ever-popular Kentucky Walnut Faux-wood finish (HDR)outlook_a01r_body5 Whiskey Barrels which create a down-home, country style feel to any outdoor space. The newest addition, the Winston Urn in weathered black, was a must buy.
Williams Bay Planters (W18) offered a complete line
of fiberglass and patented stone-lite planters that duplicate the look of stone at a fraction of the cost/weight with a hand applied finish for a beautiful, natural look.
The Urns continue to be the most popular styles in the Williams Bay product line. Generating excitement in the June Market booth were the 24″ Havana Urns, 24″ Venetian Urns, the Florence Collection of planters and the glazed stone-lite birdbaths. The Florence Collection in fiberglass display beautifully embossed floral bands available in iron rust or country white.
Don’t forget their new two-tone glazed finish introductions: Emily Planter (available in red and blue), Sadie Planter (available in green and blue) and the Chloe Planter (available in red and blue).
The Sun Pottery Company’s (U99) line of glazed and terracotta pottery and birdbaths provides the local garden center with a solid foundation to build a comprehensive container selection. All of their items are fired in natural-gas kilns, providing a more uniform finish while being kinder to the environment. Pottery collections include pot-feet and saucers. Every piece is hand finished and then carefully packed to minimize breakage. Clay and terracotta items are frost proof to -4 degree. Their birdbaths feature an exclusive top-to-bottom locking system. Each design is subtle and tasteful.
New England Pottery (NEP) (N47) continues to be the industry’s leader in decorative pottery, indoor containers, and planter accessories. Always at the front of the line when it comes to fashion trends; NEP offers innovative colors and textures, quality, and style. Their broad product line can accent every living space. Already looking forward to 2016, NEP debuted 14 new items at the Arett June Market. NEP continues to support local garden centers with “independent” exclusive items.


Gold Coast Hats (G96), a division of Peter Grimm and an industry leader in headwear apparel, was a very popular first-time exhibitor for Arett. They showcased a variety of functional, rugged, and stylish hat displays, including men and women’s sun hats, hunting and fishing hats, straw hats, visors, knit beanies, and cold-weather hats.
Burlap was the big mover in the Eaton (E10) booth. The Eaton booth staff was busy taking orders for everything from the retail packaged 7 oz. Burlap Pac’s to the bulk 125 and 100 yard rolls, in both tan and dyed for the holiday season. Eaton’s recent acquisition of the Walter Clark line broadened their assortment to include all aspects of tree care…and customers were happy to see the product available once again.
outlook_a01r_body9Siobhan’s Irish Fire Logs (B84) was another new exhibitor at the June Market. Siobhan’s brings old-world peat and turf logs to America. These 100% organic logs are made from Ireland’s “Black Gold” peat; dried and compressed to burn hotter, longer, more aromatic, and cleaner than ordinary firewood. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor usage, the fire logs are ideal for fireplaces, chimineas, barbeques, fire-pits, and camp fires. Siobhan even offers a portable “Fire Go Box” version for hikers and campers. They make a great gift too!
Milazzo Industries (M84) is leading the way to clearing
snow and ice from customers’ sidewalks and driveways this winter. Their selection and competitive prices on ice melt products will keep everyone a little safer when bad weather hits this winter. Particularly well received were their pallets of 50 lb. Qik Joe calcium chloride ice melt in a poly bag and the 8 lb. Qik Joe Pet Safe EZ pour jug. Their new introduction of the Pet Safe 20 lb. bag without urea, for states with chemical restrictions, thrilled many retailers who are happy to be back in the ice melt business.
outlook_a01r_body11As usual, Power Alle, the “go to” place for special deals,
was bustling with activity. Customers took advantage of the approximately 80 “Power” deals from 40+ vendors. Global Harvest (G27) had one of Power Alley’s best sellers with their Scotts Morning Song 40 lb. Black Oil Sunflower Seed, which sold 361 pallets. Some of the other hot-selling items were Terra Verde Park Benches (T70) and Woodsteam Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders (W75). After this past year’s record snowy winter (and perhaps in anticipation of another bad winter to come), many customers took advantage of the deals offered on Rugg Manufacturing’s (R80) full line of snow shovels, Ames’ (A42) roof rakes, and Angel-Guard Products’ (A39) innovative Snobrum.
“The deals were outstanding!” said Arett Salesman Tom Osborne. “My customers spent a considerable amount of time shopping Power Alley. One of them earned $20,000 in Power Alley spiffs”
“One of the biggest successes for my customers was the birding assortments in Power Alley,” said Arett Salesman Tony Plonsky. “My customers were able to round out their shelves and displays with the lowest prices of the year on best sellers from top manufacturers. The single biggest item was the buy in Power Alley on Global Harvest Brand Oil Sunflower Seed. The price was so sharp everyone commented and placed big orders.”
Bird food and feeders were one of the show’s strongest attractions, with the year’s best pricing from Lyric (L07) and Droll Yankee (D50), as well as Power Alley specials from Pine Tree Farms (P48), Woodstream (W75), Woodlink (W48), The Nuttery (N05) and Nature’s Way (N87).
outlook_a01r_body12North State Bird Feeders (N80) offered a comprehensive line that focuses on value without compromising quality, with most of their products still carrying the “Made in U.S.A.” label. This employee-owned company offers feeders and houses made of metal, plastic, and wood. Their selection includes hoppers, houses, screened feeders, tubes, and suet holders. Their fashionable “Village Collection” carries a 3-year warrantee. outlook_a01r_body13
Visit Arett Sales’ Virtual June Market to take advantage of special offers from exhibitors featured at the show.

Greensmith Presents New, Easy Fall/Holiday Advertising Packages At The June Market

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Each promotional package includes a matching sign kit consisting of one 3′ x 8′ vinyl banner, and five 22″ x 28″  indoor/outdoor signs.
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