Advertising During the Holiday Season

outlook_a01n_bannerThe holidays are quickly approaching and, as a retail garden center, you are either planning or have plans in place to create your holiday wonderland! Your trees will be well-decorated, your ornament displays will be grand, outdoor décor will be plentiful, and the scents of the season will overpower your senses. Now what?

As a retailer, marketing and advertising your store and all it has to offer are the most important elements to success, especially for the holidays. Standing out to customers can be a challenge since there is so much competition in the market place for holiday gift and décor. Creating a great atmosphere is one thing, but communicating it to customers is another.
Ways you can stand out this holiday season:
Holiday Decorating Classes. Have a launch party and offer classes such as: wreath decorating, bow making, decorative wrapping, tree decorating, gift basket creation, floral arrangements, or creating decorative holiday centerpiece arrangements. These activities bring in new customers and make your store more than just a place to shop. Now you can be a place to learn and have fun.
Open House, Ladies Night, or Friends and Family Night. Offer a percentage or dollar-off shopping pass for that evening only. Stay open later to appeal to people who work during the week. Serve local favorites, such as baked goods, cheeses, meats, coffee, or wine.
Fun for the kids. Pictures with Santa. Story time with Santa or Mrs. Claus. Elves pajama party. Face painting. Workshops for kids such as: create your own ornaments, porch tree decorating, or create your own holiday card.
Standing out is one thing, promoting how you stand out is another. Once your holiday events are in place, it is now time to let everyone know about the wonderful things that are happening at your store.
Here are a few ways let customers know why they should come to your store:
Email campaign. An email campaign can be cost-effective in reaching those loyal customers who you already contact on a regular basis. Be sure to show photos or a short video of the Christmas Wonderland you have created. Include a special offer or giveaway. You want to tell the story of what you have available for them to buy.
Direct Mail. Email is an effective way to contact the customers you already know, however, direct mail can target those customers who you DON’T know and DON’T know about you. If you have a mailing list already, it can be merged with an up-to-date, targeted list to attract those customers that will flock to your store and buy. Remember to create a piece that tells YOUR story. It can be a postcard or single sheet.
Social Media Campaign. Social media management tools, such as Hootsuite, make social media easy to use to get your message out. Hootsuite helps you control all your social media platforms in one, free, easy-to-use tool. Whether it’s straight through Facebook, Twitter, or using Hootsuite, create dynamic posts to engage the customer. Use photographs or video of your store, being sure to emphasize the merriment and wonderment you have created. Talk about your events and post offers for a limited time.
Website. Be sure to update your website with the look and feel of your store. Pay close attention to the unique flare and events you have going on. Be sure to update the content weekly, if possible. Drive customers to your website with social media or any other avenues you choose. Be sure to keep them informed and allow the customers to easily see where you are, when you open and close, and what you have to offer.
Creating the greatest holiday wonderland is not the final touch! Be sure to make sure your customers know what’s going on… don’t keep them guessing, keep them coming back for more.
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Bayer Advanced: Your Partner In Business

outlook_b08_bannerBayer Advanced™ continues to work with independent garden centers to become a better business partner. Their goal is to help you grow your business. That’s why they’re constantly developing ways to give you more of what you need – innovative products, customizable programs, plus the expertise, education and support to help your business thrive.

The cutting-edge science in every one of the Bayer Advanced™ products is backed by over 100 years of Bayer research and leadership. That same dedication goes into everything they do. Bayer Advanced™ is raising the bar, so independent garden centers like yours can offer your customers something better.
It starts with innovation. For 2015, Bayer will introduce two new sizes of Bayer Advanced™ DuraZone® Weed & Grass Killer that kills current weeds and grasses and prevents new weeds from coming back for up to 6 months with just one application. DuraZone is now available in a 32 oz. concentrate and a one gallon ready-to-use size. Both of these products can be used to refill the 1.3 Gallon Sprayer or any tank sprayer. New Complete Ant Killer Plus (1) kills surface pests like ants, fleas and ticks, plus controls soil insects for up to 3 months. Their new Home Pest Roach Killer Gel (1) has a unique applicator and contains enough bait to treat an average home. This product provides over 75 bait placements, and controls all types of major roaches. And finally, Season Long Weed Control for Lawns is now available in a 24 oz. size. It kills current broadleaf weeds (2) plus prevents new weeds from coming back for up to 6 months without harming the lawn. (3) Season Long Weed Control for Lawns saves consumers time, money and water.
When it comes to sustainability, Bayer Advanced™ is leading the way. They help homeowners more responsibly care for their yards and homes by offering products with low-dose active ingredients and combination formulations that eliminate the need for multiple treatments. Their drench solutions use less water as compared to foliar spray treatments with no spraying required – just mix and pour! They are also decreasing the amount of plastic in their bottles, using less corrugated cardboard in packing, shipping and displays and reusing and recycling as much as possible during the manufacturing process. But their commitment to sustainability does not stop there. They have also helped plant over 680,000 trees through their Arbor Day Foundation® partnership. (4)
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©2014 Bayer CropScience LP. Bayer Advanced™ is a business group of Bayer CropScience LP. Bayer (reg’d), the Bayer Cross (reg’d), Bayer Advanced™ and DuraZone® are trademarks of Bayer.
Arbor Day Foundation® is a trademark of the Arbor Day Foundation.
(1) Pending state registration.
(2) Does not provide pre-emergent or post-emergent control of Crabgrass. See product label for kill/prevent weed list.
(3) When used as directed.
(4) Since 2007

Good Tidings: Merchandising Trees

outlook_g48g_bannerDisplay artificial Christmas trees in a dedicated space in your store where you can show 10 to 12 trees undecorated. Show mostly trees with clear lights as that is the most popular, but add one or two with multi lights so the consumer has several options. Offer a few different sizes as some customers may be looking for a smaller tree to display on a table. Clearly tag the trees with the height and width to help guide the customer in choosing a tree that will fit into the space where they want to display it in their homes.

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Good Tidings: Cross Merchandising & Selecting The Right Product Mix

Cross Merchandising
Cross merchandising refers to the display of opposite and unrelated products together to earn additional revenues for the store. Products from different categories are kept together in one place for the customers to find relation among them and make additional purchases. For example, next to your display of wreaths, you may want to place a display of wreath bows and easels so that the customer can add a bow to their wreath or an easel if they are buying a wreath for a cemetery. Cross merchandising helps the customers to know about the various options which would complement their product selection, such as decorative pottery next to plants. Cross merchandising makes shopping a pleasurable experience as it saves the customer precious time.

Product Mix
Offering the right product mix is the key to successful retailing. Source products according to the latest trends and season. Be informed on the age and demographics of your customers. If you have lots of young families with children moving into your area, you may want to offer more youthful products that the kids would enjoy seeing. If your customers are beginning to retire, you may want add products that are easy to use.
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Good Tidings: The Benefits of LED Lights

outlook_g48e_bannerLED (light emitting diode) light sets continue to gain market share because they offer energy savings and the ability to connect many sets together. The use of LED lights in outdoor displays is very effective. Outoor, LED lights are vibrant in color. LED styles include C3, C6, C7, C9 and mini lights, and lights are available in string sets, icicle sets and net lights Some consumers find the LED lights when used indoor to be somewhat harsh to the eye; we recommend using the LED nub lights for indoor decorating.

Merchandising light sets by light color and number of lights makes it easier for the consumer to shop. Mini lights with clear bulbs with 100 lights per string are going to be the best seller so place these at eye level. Good Tidings offers full line of GE light sets as well as our private brand of Good Tidings light sets. Both GE and Good Tidings are color coded for easy merchandising – Good Tidings Super Bright is in red packaging; Ultimate LiteLock in gold packaging; Heavy Duty in silver packaging and LED in blue packaging. GE packages ConstantOn in green boxes, String-A-Long in blue boxes, Pro Line in grey boxes and LED in green boxes.
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Good Tidings: Halloween & Harvest

outlook_g48c_bannerHalloween as a category has continued to grow and if Halloween falls on a weekend, sales are very healthy. Good Tidings offers a great assortment of Halloween and Fall merchandise, from orange and purple mini lights, to pumpkin carving kits to scarecrows and fall wreaths. Stock your shelves with spiders, ghosts and ghouls and add a few witches and goblins to create an eerie display that your customers will enjoy.

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