Garden Tool Category Meets Personality

outlook_g84_bannerWe’ve all noticed the excitement and fanfare surrounding new plants, containers and garden furnishings each spring. But there is a lonely isle around the corner in need of some attention. Garden tools. We all use them, and we deserve to have access to quality tools.

Enter Joseph Bentley Traditional Garden Tools. First established in the late 1800s, Joseph Bentley has been giving British gardeners the tools to grow for well over a century. A line cannot experience this kind of longevity in a place where gardening is sacred without a reputation for quality. Joseph Bentley is crafted of polished stainless steel and solid FSC certified hardwood. Joseph Bentley is a line of garden tools with a traditional look of heritage and style. The line is inspired by years of experience and every tool comes with a high level specification, proven design and attention to detail as a standard. Not only are they beautiful tools, they also sport a lifetime warranty.
In a recent speech to garden center owners, Martha Stewart emphasized the importance of offering customers a high quality garden tool line. She too acknowledging that this is a category often overlooked by merchants. With the recent burst in the popularity of home gardening, the time has never been better to introduce a new line. Gardening is in vogue at the moment and with the flood of container gardens, raised beds and other products targeted to the urban gardener hitting the market, there is no indication it is slowing down.
Joseph Bentley sound too premium? You might just be surprised. Hand tools range from $11.99 to $14.99 – and that’s RETAIL price! Contact your Arett salesperson today for more information and to order now for spring delivery!
Joseph Bentley is available to the US trade for the first time. Product catalogs are available for download at
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Fight Invasive Insects & Diseases With Arborjet

Arborjet is a 15 year old technology company that has a reputation for fighting the world’s most invasive insects and disease. They provide solutions for problems like the Emerald Ash Borer, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and Asian Longhorned Beetle in an environmentally-responsible way. Products to treat these threats are sealed inside the plant using a trunk injection methodology.

Over the past four years, Arborjet has been using their “Technology Meets Ecology” approach to solve problems in the independent and indoor gardening areas. Their in-house research & development team, boasting a number of PhDs, specializes in insects, disease, soils and plants. Everything they offer is unique and has been trialed independently by universities and government agencies.
You will not find these products in big box stores.
NutriRoot™ is their newest and fastest-growing product. It supplies a single solution for managing drought stress, reducing watering, accelerating root growth and improving transplant survival. Simply drench a plant’s root zone or apply directly to transplant roots and watch the improvement.
NutriRoot is a two-component system comprised of a water management blend and a nutrient pack. The water management component is a patented blend of hygroscopic compounds including humectants that draw water from the air into the root zone. The nutrient pack includes humic acid, kelp and micro-nutrients designed to enhance soil conditions for accelerated root development.
Best of all, it is available in sizes as small as 8 oz., which makes enough NutriRoot to treat 5 trees or 10 plants. Priced at $12.99, this is a great upsell that will ensure your customers maintain healthy plants when they take them home!
Eco-Mite Plus™ and Eco-PM™ are all-natural insect and disease control products, derived from botanical oils and extracts. The concentration of active ingredients is the highest in the industry, providing a higher level of efficacy and control: Eco-Mite Plus features a 12.5% blend of rosemary oils and extracts, peppermint oil, and cottonseed oil; whereas Eco-PM is comprised of 21% thyme extract and clove oil. The encapsulation process protects the plant from burning. These products are safe and effective and can be used on food crops with zero days to harvest. They are available in ready-to-use and concentrate containers: liter and gallon concentrates and a 32-oz. ready-to-use spray.
AzaSol™ is the only neem product available as a water-soluble powder. It’s systemic so it can be sprayed, soil-applied, chemigated or even injected into the plant. AzaSol is great for whitefly, mealybug, aphids, and a host of other nuisance insects. AzaSol is easy to use; simply mix a teaspoon with a gallon of water and spray or drench targeted plants. Because AzaSol is oil-free, there is absolutely no burning, even in the sun or under grow lights. AzaSol is a repellent, anti-feedant and an insect growth regulator, stopping eggs from maturing. It’s a 6% concentration, rather than the 2% or less typically found in neem oils. The water-soluble powder comes in a small re-sealable pouch ensuring the product stays at full power until it’s mixed. AzaSol is shelf-stable, eliminating complicated storage methods required for other neem products. One packet is designed for season-long protection and it can be used on food crops with zero days to harvest.
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