La Hacienda: Creating Warmth & Ambiance


If you are looking for a new sales opportunity, you need to look no further.

Introducing La Hacienda Ltd., a new brand in the U.S.A. that features contemporary designs of outdoor heating, decorative garden products, and unique garden gifts. La Hacienda is a family brand, bringing warmth and ambience to any home and back yard.
La Hacienda chimeneas, pizza chimeneas and fire bowls
La Hacienda has been trading on the West Coast since February 2014 and, in only 12 weeks, they achieved sales of $1.2 million. Based in the UK, they are a family business which has been established for 25 years.
The story began in October 1989, when John Goodwin was working as a guide in the rain forests of Ecuador, South America.  He bought products from the frontier towns deep in the jungle. His brother, Simon, sold the unique products to retailers in the UK from the back of his van. This was the start of La Hacienda.

Today, La Hacienda is the market leader in the UK and several European countries. They export to 20 countries, including Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and the U.S.A.

This year also marks the opening of their new factory in Europe, continuing the production of great quality products.

The business is managed by John and Simon, along with their wives Caroline and Maria. They are supported by a dedicated team of 36, who design and source products and work alongside the quality assurance, sales, administration, warehouse and logistics teams, all based in their offices and warehouse in the beautiful Cotswolds region of the UK.

The La Hacienda’s range of products takes customers on a journey into home and garden decadence with their wide array of products stemming from traditional rustic designs to modern contemporary creations.

The La Hacienda brand is known worldwide for its extensive range of traditional clay, steel and cast iron chimeneas designed by their in-house style and creation team, who create different shapes and sizes of functional and effective outdoor heating products, some of which create focal points and sculptures in back yards.

To complement their outdoor heating range, they also produce fire bowls, fire pits, ceramic ovens, and pizza chimeneas to provide customers with a greater depth of choice and help promote sociable points of focus.

La Hacienda creates warmth and ambience, which is represented by their beautiful decorative ranges. They manufacture garden lanterns and oil torches, which add a touch of class and soft illumination to outdoor occasions.

Their stylish collection of metal wall art is ideal for inside and outdoors, with natural shades and vivid colors expressed in classical and contemporary designs

Decorative garden animals
New for 2014, their decorative garden animals range from realistic hand finished designs, to bright and quirky fun for the family. They’re great decorative garden items that make unique gifts.

Visit their website and register for their newsletter and receive great offers.

This year, La Hacienda celebrates their 25th anniversary with their new import distributor, Arett Sales. La Hacienda will be at the Arett’s June Market trade show, so please drop by and take a look at their unique products.

Get Ready For Watering Season!

outlook_K01b_bannerIndustry sources* are reporting an increase in gardening participation. Lawn care is traditionally the largest activity, but vegetable gardening is increasing to the point that over half of households surveyed reported growing vegetables. This is good news for the industry as so many areas endured an especially rough winter, and consumers are anxious to get out and bring the life back into their outdoor spaces.

Water and healthy soil both play key parts in creating a successful lawn or garden. Effective watering and sprinkler selection should start with some questions like what is being watered, how often will the area be watered, and what kind of soil. Another consideration to the watering decision process can be planting plants with similar requirements together so wet and dry zones are more manageable.
Sprinkler Selection
Oscillating sprinklers have long been a consumer favorite because of their ease of use. They are also excellent for newly seeded lawns due to their gentler, more rain-like spray. They come sized for medium to larger lawns and offer a variety of adjustments. Like all sprinklers, the attainable coverage is based on water pressure. The average water pressure in many communities ranges from 40 to 60 PSI.
outlook_K01b_body1Oscillating sprinklers are a consumer favorite.
Impulse sprinklers got their start in agriculture, and are available in many sizes and still used today. Consumers can enjoy units scaled for residential use that can cover large yard areas. Typical adjustments include full or part circle, distance control and a diffuser screw that can break up the stream for a less powerful spray. Available in metal and polymer with both sled and spike bases, impulse sprinklers are almost as popular as oscillating sprinklers. With heavy clay soil, a unit with a sled based will be much simpler to use.
Small area sprinklers allow for targeted watering, ideal for a garden with wet/dry zones. Most provide a single pattern that can be selected to match the area to be watered. Another option is a turret sprinkler with a large pattern dial than may offer as many as 9 different choices.
Whichever sprinkler is selected, encourage customers to water early in the day so the water can be used by the plants during the day and early enough not to burn the plants as the water dries.
All About Nozzles
One of the garden’s great multi-taskers, the nozzle can go from watering flowers to washing a car in an instant. Offer an assortment of features and sizes, as not all nozzles fit all hands comfortably. Dial nozzles with multiple patterns offer the maximum versatility, but standard pistol grips and the brass twist nozzles have been best sellers for years. Be sure to add some of the newer designs with the large thumb control – very easy for older hands and smaller hands to use. There will also be some customers who may need a specialized nozzle for a particular application such as hot water.
outlook_K01b_body2Be sure to stock thumb control nozzles, which are easier for older and smaller hands.
Don’t Forget the Accessories
Accessories can do so many things to bring added convenience and performance to other watering products. Products like quick connectors make changing watering tools so much faster and easier. Flow controls can be a single, double or even quadruple connector, available in poly, zinc or brass. There are also those called “full flow” that do not restrict water and offer larger knobs that can be gripped comfortably, even when wearing gloves.
Hose repair is another important part of watering. The Kinex clamshell style repair in both zinc/brass and poly offers larger clamps and longer, stainless steel screws, much better suited to secure repairs on premium hoses with larger diameters.
Arett & Kinex
SLT – Kinex watering is a proud partner of Arett Sales.  Their goal is to offer quality, value and innovation to support and grow a successful watering program!
*Garden Trends Research Report, October 2013
 Garden Writers Association Foundation
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If Customers Don’t Come To You, You Need To Go To Them

outlook_ggaa_bannerDo you think you know the ideal marketing messages and methods to capture the attention of today’s new consumer? Today’s Garden Center’s 10% Project: Expanding The Customer Base has conducted focus groups within key consumer demographics to learn what they think about gardening and garden centers.

During the research phase of the 10% Project: Expanding The Customer Base, they learned that most Generation X and Y garden shoppers prefer mass merchants. They think that garden centers are for plant experts and older people.
Think about that. Store events and much of the social media garden retailers have embraced will not reach this audience. Those marketing tactics build customer loyalty. But if a customer doesn’t friend you, follow you, or join your e-mail list, you won’t reach them using these methods.

Two Ideas To Gain New Customers
Perhaps the answer lies in that old cliche about the mountain and Mohammed. If they aren’t coming to you, perhaps it time you entered their world. Here are two ideas that may help you connect with this demographic:
1. Create an off-site event, such as a class on vegetable gardening at popular Gen X and Gen Y hangouts. Think coffee shops, dog parks or local amateur sporting events.
2. Collaborate on off- or on-site events with groups that attract a different demographic, like a farmers’ market or start-up companies owned by 20- or 30-somethings. For example, The 10% Project is working with an alcoholic ice cream company in Atlanta for a garden center campaign.

To learn more about how to engage your customer with Today’s Garden Center’s 10% Project, go to

Introducing The New Pocket Hose ULTRA

outlook_t13_bannerPocket Hose ULTRA is the all new and improved prototype of the original expanding Pocket Hose. It is now 3 times stronger than the original, and is built to last! Here are the new features:

Pocket Hose ULTRA is equipped with tight seal technology, guaranteed to give you a water tight seal every time – no more leaks. The secret is the super strong material of the amber tip connectors that are 3 times more durable than the original!
Pocket Hose ULTRA is made with double layer construction just like a fire hose, with a scientifically developed elastomer hose on the inside. The elastomer hose expands with water pressure, while the new and improved outer lining protects it – no more rips or breakthroughs. And the new Solar Stripe Shield protects the Pocket Hose ULTRA from damaging UV rays and extends the life of the hose!
Pocket Hose Ultra is an expandable hose that’s small enough to fit in your pocket. No more heavy, or kinked hoses. Easy to manage, Pocket Hose ULTRA makes watering plants and outdoor cleaning quick and convenient. The compact, lightweight, accordion design is easy to store and carry, and is now 3 times stronger! As seen on TV, Pocket Hose ULTRA expands to a tangle-free, 50′ full-length hose. Fits standard spigots and nozzles. Durable polypropylene/plastic.
Super lightweight and easy to handle
Never kinks, twists or tangles like ordinary hoses!
Expandable accordion design up to 50′
Perfect for gardens, terraces, patios and more
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Landscape Fabric Sales – Thinking Outside The Box


If you are not currently marketing landscape fabrics to applications outside the traditional lawn and garden use, you could be missing sales.
It’s easy to think of landscape fabric in terms of simple 3′ x 50′ rolls of a “good, better, best” offering, or in some cases just a single SKU to have for your retail customers to buy. Many dealers will also offer bulk rolls as either a full roll purchase, or price it per running foot and cut off for the customer the desired length. In both cases, most of those sales are presumed to be going to a traditional landscape setting involving flowers, shrubs, mulch and/or decorative stone coverings.
According to the Freedonia Group, hardscape products will be the fastest growing segment of the landscaping industry through 2017. This will be through demand for stone or paver patios, and outdoor living areas. It is impossible to ignore the tremendous growth this part of the industry has seen over the last several years. There are entire shows on channels such as HGTV and DIY dedicated to outdoor living spaces. However, you may not realize that landscape fabrics (in a commercial grade) can play an important role in this market as well. Whether it is TYPAR Landscape Fabric, Weed Barrier Pro, or Pro5, professional grade fabrics can be used for underneath pavers for weed growth protection between the pavers. DeWitt also has available a full line of geotextiles (think landscape fabrics in a heavier form) for soil separation or stabilization in heavier-duty requirements.
Another growing industry, even in the Midwest and Eastern United States, is the synthetic or artificial turf market. The Western US is the largest market for this product due to water restrictions and the difficulty in growing a traditional lawn, but the Midwest and Eastern regions are beginning to see demand for this product as well. Whether it is a small putting green, or an entire section of lawn being converted to synthetic turf, weed barrier is needed for use underneath the turf to keep weeds from growing through the turf, ruining the look of the “perfect” synthetic grass. TYPAR and Weed Barrier Pro are very popular products for use underneath synthetic grass due to the easy installation and superior weed control capabilities.
Most likely you are already selling hardscape products in some capacity, and maybe you are also even carrying the synthetic grass as well. Some simple cross promotion of landscape fabric as an add-on sale to both of these product categories can add significant dollars to your bottom line at the end of the season.
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Echo Valley


Turning Outdoor Living Spaces Into An Evening Oasis, One Home At A Time
From the inception of their popular Illuminaries® (glow-in-the-dark yard stakes, gazing globes and more) back in 2004, Echo Valley has steadily transformed itself from a daytime-only outdoor accent line to a company whose products can be equally enjoyed in the evening. Their current slogan, “Our Products Shine Brightest At Night,” has never been more apropos.
Lumisphere™ Solar Firefly and Butterfly Lanterns
From passive solar lighting products, such as the aforementioned Illuminaries®, to active solar designs like their otherworldly Lumisphere™ solar lanterns, Solar Firefly and Butterfly Lanterns, and vibrant LunaLite™ flower stake collections, the future of the company has never been brighter!
As more of us spend the evening hours enjoying our outdoor living spaces, solar accent lighting will play an increasingly important role in creating ambience and an inviting environment. Because the mass merchants and big boxes dedicate the vast majority of their solar lighting space to cheap, disposable pathway lights – of which there is little variation from one retailer to the next – the solar accent lighting category is one that is ripe for the independent retailer to take advantage of, provided it is executed correctly. In other words, you can’t throw a few products on a shelf and hope they will sell. Those who create an outdoor living theme romancing these products will be the big winners!
Spiral Solar Swizzle Stakes™
To that end, Echo Valley has made a concerted effort to develop point of sale merchandisers that provide retailers the ability to display many of their beautiful art glass solar accent lights, such as the new Spiral Solar Swizzle Stakes™, out of their respective retail boxes so that consumers can touch and feel them prior to making a purchase. If incorporated in a patio setting at a retailers’ store, this is even more impactful, as it gives the end user a visual idea of how a product could look in their own home.
Small touches such as the inclusion of a ‘try me’ button on their Solar Firefly Lantern counter display engage consumers by allowing them to interact with the product, contributing to a greater likelihood of a purchase. A similar feature will be included on the counter display under development for their new Starry Night Solar Lantern, which features twinkling stars flanking a lit crescent moon.
LunaLite™ Novasphere™
While the big boxes and chains fight it out in the $9.99 and under solar pathway lighting category, Echo Valley is betting on the belief that there is room for a high-quality, art glass solar path light that will retail for $19.99 and find a receptive audience craving something higher-end that looks every bit as attractive during the day, as it does at night. With the introduction in April of their LunaLite™ Novasphere™ landscape light (available now), Echo Valley has done exactly that! The really cool thing about the product’s design, outside of its stylish good looks, is the fact that there is no on-off switch that can fail. Nope, all the consumer has to do is remove the battery activation strip included, set it and forget it! It will come on brightly each night without fail and remain lit virtually the entire evening.
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