A Better Earth From the Ground Up


Encap strives for ….. A better earth from the ground up!
It sounds simple, but this approach is one of the most important factors in creating a beautiful lawn or a bountiful garden.
Encap develops innovative lawn and garden solutions for homeowners and gardeners across the United States and Canada. From lawns to gardens, Encap’s products are formulated to improve results by engaging the soil to naturally improve the soil structure creating a better environment for seeds and plants to flourish. The result is making lawn care and gardening easier, effective and more environmentally friendly.
Made from natural ingredients, Encap’s products focus on creating a natural self-sustaining soil environment without the harmful effects of chemicals…just as nature intended. The natural ingredients in Encap products are designed for safe application around children and pets.
One such product is Encap’s Fast Acting Lime. Fast Acting Lime is the answer to acidic soils. It begins to correct acid levels immediately after application. At the same time, the AST Technology helps to hold the nutrients in place making them available to the soil and the plant to use as needed. Proper soil pH leads to better soil performance and nutrient uptake by unlocking valuable nutrients in the soil. Enhanced nutrient uptake makes fertilizers more effective, saving time and money. Encap’s Fast Acting Lime is simple to use – virtually dust free, and can be applied year round with any spreader.
If it’s a quick ‘green up’ you’re looking for, Encap offers Fast Acting Iron. Fast Acting Iron has changed the way lawn enthusiasts think about iron. Gone are the days of accidentally burning your lawn, or staining your sidewalk. This long-lasting soil amendment is a precise blend of iron and other valuable nutrients to work with the soil, building a more lush, green lawn, without the excessive growth associated with most high-nitrogen fertilizers.
In addition to soil amendments, Encap also offers products for establishing new lawns, and for repairing or renewing existing lawns. Encap’s Dog Spot Repair Kit is one lawn repair product that makes life a little easier for dog owners everywhere. It is an ideal blend of seed, soil conditioners, and lawn starter mulch that neutralizes burned spots caused by pets and goes to work immediately to improve the soil and begin the repair process. Encap’s Dog Spot Repair Kit takes the worry out of spot repair, it is safe for children and pets and best of all…..will lead to a thick green lawn.
If you’re simply looking to spruce up your yard or garden, Encap also offers several wildflower kits like the popular Butterfly Hummingbird Mix. These easy-to-use kits are an all-in-one formula of flower seed, fertilizer, and starter mulch formulated to grow beautiful flower gardens that attract nature’s pollinators. Just sprinkle and grow!
Encap products contain patented Advanced Soil Technology (AST) and Seed Water Technology (SWT). AST goes to work immediately to help hold valuable soil and nutrients in place and improve seed establishment and germination. SWT takes the guesswork out of watering which is time consuming and critical to seed performance. The patented SWT granule sparkles when you have watered enough.
When the sparkle disappears, it is time to water again. Both of these technologies remove the guesswork and risk out of seeding and lead to better results.
Whether you’re starting a new lawn, repairing an old one, or wanting a beautiful flower garden, Encap products are not only environmentally friendly and safe to use, but they also make seed establishment and gardening, fool-proof. Encap products help to improve your lawn and garden by creating a better earth from the ground up!
Encap….a better earth from the ground up!
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How To Convert Shoppers Into Buyers

outlook_a01h_bannerGetting consumers into your store is only the half the battle. Once the consumer enters your store, it’s your job to convert them into buyers. There are hundreds of techniques to ensure a good customer experience; however focusing on just a few will go a long way.

Sales Team Scheduling
Making sure that you have enough staff available to serve your customers sounds simple enough, however, retailers continue to fall short. Pay close attention to your store traffic patterns and ensure that you are fully equipped to support your customers. If you see an increase in store traffic during normal lunch hours, have your employees take an early or late lunch so as not to miss any opportunity. In certain situations, being overstaffed can be equally as frustrating to customers as being understaffed. Matching your staffs schedules to traffic volume will help improve your chances of converting shoppers into buyers.
Greeting The Customer:
First impressions can make or break any relationship – and this holds especially true in the retail world. Whether this is a customers first visit to your store or their one hundredth, the initial feeling they experience will dictate the rest of the shopping experience. At the very least, you should always have an employee standing at the entrance of your store greeting your customers as they come in. An employee dressed in the retailers uniform, a name tag, a smile and a simple greeting is as easy as it gets and goes a long way. Now that your customer is feeling good about their visit to your store, make sure that all of your employees exude the necessary traits to continue the superior customer experience*:
  • Confidence: Eye contact, a firm hand shake and the ability to strike up a conversation with strangers is absolutely essential.
  • Proactive: A sales associate should always be one step ahead of the customer to gauge when someone needs help. Don’t wait for the problem to arise. Provide the answer before the customer even knows what they’re looking for.
  • Patience: Customers are all different – some are nice, others are mean. Some are relaxed, others are in a hurry. The patience to deal with all types of customers is vital.
  • Articulate & Knowledgeable: Sales associates must be able to communicate with the customers and have the ability to provide information when asked. If they don’t know the answer, they should go find someone who does right away.
  • Respectful: The customer might not always be right, but it’s the sales associate’s job to make them feel that way. Customers must be treated with respect, even in the most challenging situations.
  • Flexibility: When dealing with the public, things can go wrong. You have to be flexible enough to roll with the punches and think outside the box sometimes.
  • Innate Friendliness: Sales associates should be naturally friendly, it should not be an effort.
  • Ability to Multitask: There will always be several jobs that need to be done at once. Sales associates need to be able to support multiple customers and complete their store duties all while remaining calm, confident and friendly.
How To Communicate With Customers?
The worst possible question that you can ask your customer is ”Can I help you?” In almost every situation, the answer will be ”No, I’m just looking”. When communicating with your customers, you should never give them the easy way out and, instead, attempt to invitiate dialogue. Once the communication channel is open, try to understand what your customer is looking for and, in turn, convert them into a buyer. Here are some appropriate questions (and responses) that should be used when speaking with your customer:
Question: Hi, have you been in our store before?

Response 1: (if yes) ”Welcome back, let me show you a couple new items that we just got in.”
Response 2: (if no) ”Thanks for coming – let me show you around.”

Question : What can I help you find today?

Response 1: (if they know) ”I can assist you with that. Please let me show you where to go.”
Response 2: (if they don’t know) ”Let me show you some of our popular items.”

Question : I notice that you’re looking at {product name}, is there a particular project that you’re working on?

Response 1: (if yes) ”That’s great! Let me show you what else we have that can help.”
Response 2: (if no) ”Ok, let me tell you a little about this item.”

Question : Hi, how are you doing today?

Response 1: ”That’s great. What can I help you find today?”
Response 2: ”I’m sorry to hear that. How can I help get your day going in the right direction?”

Seeing The Customer Off:
Either the cash register attendent or the greeter are your last line of defense. This is your opporuntity to both sell more and make sure they leave feeling good about their experience. At the very least, your employee should ask “Did you find everything that you were looking for today?”. If not, have someone help them find the item. If yes, pay attention to what they purchased and see if there is an accompanying item that they might need (i.e. “I see that you have purchased a shovel and some flowers. A garden kneeler can go a long way in keeping you clean and preventing back problems while working the garden. Would you like to add one to your order?”). Regardless of their answer, be sure to thank the customer for shopping and welcome them back in the near future.

Arett Sales June Market 2014


1–Day Event  –  Wednesday, June 18th

The new Arett Sales’ June Market is an opportunity to buy from the most comprehensive selection of particular categories of merchandise at the best prices and at the right time!
Date:          Wednesday, June 18th
Time:          8 A.M. – 6 P.M.
Location:   Garden State Exhibit Center, 50 Atrium Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873
There are so many reasons to come to the new Arett Sales’ June Market!
  • Enjoy browsing over 65 booths – all with great buying deals!
  • Buy imported pottery and outdoor decor. Ensure early and full spring deliveries and choose from the most extensive pottery and import offerings of the year!
  • Earn additional 5% discount on new merchandise when you buy at the show – we call it N5%.
  • Wild Card Show Day Buying Bonuses add to your profits.
  • Visit the Power Alley booth filled with bulk and display deals!
  • Looking for some summer specials and holiday deals? Find them in our June Closeouts Booth.
  • Forgot to order a few holiday items for your store? Fill your holiday needs at the Good Tidings booth.
  • Let us impress you with our expanded birding assortment featuring new merchandise for 2014-15.
  • Buy at the June Market and get the best pricing and super spiffs!
  • Great food and good company while you shop!
  • Take care of business in 3 major categories!
  • Imported pottery and outdoor decor, including patio, chimeneas, firepits, benches, bistros, and lots more from all over the world!
  • Expanded birding, with an emphasis on NEW products!
  • All the fall and winter necessities, from lawn care to ice melt!
For updates & for more information visit our website www.arettjunemarket.com,
or call us at 800-257-8220800-257-8220 FREE, Press 1.

Introducing The New Pocket Hose ULTRA

outlook_t13_bannerPocket Hose ULTRA is the all new and improved prototype of the original expanding Pocket Hose. It is now 3 times stronger than the original, and is built to last! Here are the new features:

Pocket Hose ULTRA is equipped with tight seal technology, guaranteed to give you a water tight seal every time – no more leaks. The secret is the super strong material of the amber tip connectors that are 3 times more durable than the original!
Pocket Hose ULTRA is made with double layer construction just like a fire hose, with a scientifically developed elastomer hose on the inside. The elastomer hose expands with water pressure, while the new and improved outer lining protects it – no more rips or breakthroughs. And the new Solar Stripe Shield protects the Pocket Hose ULTRA from damaging UV rays and extends the life of the hose!
Pocket Hose Ultra is an expandable hose that’s small enough to fit in your pocket. No more heavy, or kinked hoses. Easy to manage, Pocket Hose ULTRA makes watering plants and outdoor cleaning quick and convenient. The compact, lightweight, accordion design is easy to store and carry, and is now 3 times stronger! As seen on TV, Pocket Hose ULTRA expands to a tangle-free, 50′ full-length hose. Fits standard spigots and nozzles. Durable polypropylene/plastic.

  • Super lightweight and easy to handle
  • Never kinks, twists or tangles like ordinary hoses!
  • Expandable accordion design up to 50′
  • Perfect for gardens, terraces, patios and more
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Give It Wings


By Pete Mihalek
Managing Editor, Lawn & Garden Retailer
For the birds. That’s an idiom with a negative connotation. But let’s change all that this spring. Now’s the time to take your wild bird department from stale and confusing to inspired and concise in one fell swoop. From merchandising 101 and vendor interaction to free publicity and community awareness, Lawn & Garden Retailer recently sought out the expertise of three wild bird retailers because, after all, it’s time to get customers shopping for the birds.

Here are 12 retail tips to give this category wings.

1. Keep It Fresh
Whether it’s a loaf of bread you’re talking about, or a relationship or a garden center display, when things go stale, things aren’t good. That’s why Melissa Block of All Seasons Wild Bird Store in Minnesota suggests going with the seasons.

“Use the seasons to remind you to update your (birding) displays,” Block says. “If you don’t update seasonally, at the very least, customers will see the same old thing over and over again, and that won’t draw any double takes.”

While your wild bird department will always have its shelf staples — seed, feeders, baths, etc. — Block and her staff use seasonal product lines (books, puzzles, linens) to keep her displays fresh and interesting. “You’ve got to give them a reason to look.”

2. Ask Yourself
Look to some of your favorite places to shop as retail inspiration, Block says. “We all have our favorite stores,” she says. “Stop and think; why is that your favorite place to shop? Does it feel like that when you walk into your store?” Whether it was the color the interior walls were painted, or the sounds/music you heard or the smell, take the time to figure out why you liked it.

She adds that trade shows and markets can be a retailer’s best friend when looking for new display ideas. “Look at how the vendors display things,” she says. “Now they’re selling to you. When you walk by booths, what catches your eye?”
#3 – Merchandise products that belong together in the same area.
3. No More Guessing
“We make sure we keep the products that belong together, together,” Block says. “People who don’t know anything about birds will buy inappropriate things. They start guessing.”

Just like gardening, you want your customers to avoid guessing at all costs. That’s why you’re there, after all, and that’s why you create practical displays … to ensure their success.

4. Make a Scene
Consider incorporating a bird feeder or bird bath into every display at your garden center, Block suggests. It adds another dimension. “I want people to see how the feeders would look hanging on a pole or how it would look as a part of their garden,” she says. “People who feed birds also garden — there’s such a huge correlation there.”

5. Full Circle Feeders
All Seasons Wild Bird Store runs a feeder swap promotion in the spring, Block says. “If customers bring in an old feeder of theirs, we provide them a percentage off a new feeder,” she says. “Then of those that are recycled to us, we rehab the ones we can and then donate them to parks and schools.”
#6 – Help consumer find lproduct made locally by labelling them clearly.
6. Made Where?
Like many other small business owners are starting to notice, Block says consumers want “Made-in-the-USA” products but aren’t necessarily willing to pay the price for them.
“We like to carry local vendors when we can, many just within the Twin Cities area.” For those locally made products, her shop uses special tags to let its customers know a given product was “Made in the Midwest.”

7. Know Where to Look
Edi Crosby of WingN’It Bird Center in North Carolina is relatively new to the wild bird retail world. That said, Crosby has quite a thirst for knowledge, particularly when it comes to the products she’s selling.

“I’m a firm believer in utilizing your vendors as resources to learn and improve upon the product you’re selling,” Crosby says. “Every one of my vendors knows who I am. Because if I’m not sure about something, I call and ask.”

8. Make Them Earn It
When Crosby first started at WingN’It, she admits it was a little overwhelming when shopping vendors.
“I always asked them the same question: ‘Why should I sell it?’” This way Crosby learned more about the product and also picked up some sales cues along the way.
#9 – Why not fill your ceiling with merchandise?
9. Heads Up!
With his 1,400 square feet of retail space, Rich Crete of Rich’s Backyard Birds considers himself the “world’s smallest businessman.” That said, space at his shop is tight and that’s why his top merchandising tip is all about his ceiling.

“Don’t neglect your drop ceiling,” Crete says. “You look at the ceiling and see white tile. Why not fill it with merchandise?” In his case, this Florida retailer hangs feeders, kites and wind spinners.

10. Top-of-Mind Awareness
Crete is active in his community … very active. In 2013 he visited five area grade schools and gave a 30-minute birding presentation to kindergartners up to fourth graders. “This doesn’t cost you anything and you’re creating an interest,” he says.

He also hosts Brownies and Cub Scout troops. “I study their criteria for what they need to do to earn their patch or badge,” he says. “Then I’ll do a special presentation that will allow them to get their patch by coming to my store.”

11. Social Restraint; Social Expertise
Crete explains that Facebook has been an excellent way to keep his finger on the pulse of his community.

“Neighbor Facebook groups are notorious for political debates and other nonsense that, as a community business, you shouldn’t get into at the risk of alienating a customer,” he says. “Don’t put in your two cents unless the conversation is specific to your business. When you monitor those neighborhood pages and pop in answers when your expertise is needed, you become the go-to expert.

“After a year and a half doing this, now I’m getting questions directed to me. I’ve become the expert. It didn’t cost me anything.”

12. Write For Your Neighbors
Crete also writes birding articles for his local community paper. As the expert, he says we forget that everyone doesn’t know what we know, and what’s basic to an expert may be foreign to a novice.

“The key in writing an article addressing something basic is to make it a no-brainer for the editor,” he explains. “Local editors for small town papers have small staffs and go insane with work. They are swamped. If they have to spend time correcting your grammar, rewriting your content, checking to make sure it’s appropriate, wondering if you’ll be on time, you won’t get published.”

Make it easy for them. Stick to word counts and don’t write an article that ends up being an ad for your store. Share useful, topical information that simultaneously tags you as the expert.

“I don’t get my articles published because I’m a linguistic scholar,” he says. “I get published because it’s a no brainer for the editor.”
(Article provided by Lawn and Garden Retailer.)

Monterey Lawn & Garden: Products That Work

outlook_m63_bannerMonterey Lawn & Garden Products began in Fresno, in the heart of California’s agricultural region where they first emerged as a division of Monterey AgResources. Over the years, Monterey AgResources was instrumental in the development of micronutrients for use in agriculture and have changed and developed into a leading company that formulates, packages, and represents other manufacturers.

25 years later, they are still offering professional grade technology to home gardeners. Their growing line of products provides both economical and effective solutions to yard and garden challenges. Their facility in Fresno, CA still formulates and packages products for agricultural customers as well as their Lawn & Garden division.
Monterey’s customers have confirmed their beliefs that if the products they offer are new, innovative and of effective, they will be purchased. Monterey brings new products to the marketplace each year with the help of distributors that supply these products to nurseries and garden supply stores throughout the United States.
In 1998 one of their ag customers found a new product that would offer effective organic snail and slug control for strawberry growers in central California. Sluggo was registered for slug and snail control and Monterey Lawn & Garden Products was the first company to offer this exciting new product into the lawn and garden market. Iron Phosphate was the first new active ingredient for slug and snail control in over 40 years! Today, Sluggo is available across the United States and gardeners can use it to protect the plants without fear of harming pets and wildlife.
Monterey’s motto is “Products That Work” and this is what they always strive to bring to the market.
Monterey offers the latest technology available in both the organic and synthetic markets. They seek dependable suppliers that produce high quality products for their lawn and garden customers. Whether you sell to independent garden centers or landscape contractors, they have a full line of products that offer solutions for weed, pest and disease problems.
Many new gardeners have joined their customer base looking for new organic solutions for pest issues. Monterey brings the latest products available in the organic markets and offers many products that are OMRI listed for organic gardening. Their long history in this business has been based on the trust and reliability with their established roots in the West. Now, they are expanding to the East with new innovative products that offer solutions to these markets.
Monterey is grateful to their customers because they confirm their beliefs that good service and quality products result in satisfied customers. With the increasingly diverse and demanding marketplace, there are many companies offering products and services to the market. Today, more than ever, Monterey’s customers are searching for safe and effective products that help make their gardens healthy and beautiful. Monterey Lawn & Garden Products will continue to offer quality products for weed, insect and disease control as well as fertilizer to promote plant growth.
Without their loyal customers, there would be no reason to be pleased or proud. Monterey Lawn & Garden Products will continue to be an innovator in the horticulture and lawn & garden marketplace. They look forward to growing their business together with Arett and GroGroup as key partners.
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