Kinex – The Next Generation of Classic Watering

Successful Watering

Gardeners come in all ages, genders and levels of experience. One thing that all gardeners can agree on is the enjoyment of an attractive landscape. Whether the motivation is strictly aesthetic with the potential of increased property values or based on wanting to grow fresh, healthy food; watering is important to results.

The Kinex Difference

Kinex was introduced to the trade at the 2011 National Hardware Show. The management team has over 80 years of combined experience in watering, and we know that all watering products are not equal. The Kinex goal is to offer dependable, quality products that provide good value and keep consumers satisfied and returning for more. For 2014, the product line will be almost 3 times our first offering. Over 70 key items are stocked in the Arett warehouse.

There are detailed standards for every product offered. Quality testing is done during manufacturing and again when goods are put into inventory. The majority of Kinex products are covered by a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. Kinex also has several patented nozzles that have been through our exclusive Zero Drip Technology™ process that brings a new level of quality to hose end products with a focus on continuous improvement and eliminating key consumer complaints like leaking.

Recommending A Sprinkler

Watering effectively often starts with questions like what are you watering, how big is the area to be watered, how often will the area be watered, what type of soil is being watered?

Consider not just questions, but recommend a trend in live goods. Gardeners are being encouraged to plant smarter by grouping plants with similar watering requirements together so wet and dry zones are more manageable.

Oscillating sprinklers always do well because of their ease of use. They are also excellent for newly seeded lawns due to their gentler, more rain-like spray. They come sized for medium to larger yard sizes and are adjustable. Oscillators, more than other types of sprinklers do require good water pressure to offer full coverage.

Impulse sprinklers are ideal for larger yard areas and can be adjusted from full to part circle, with both distance and spray control features. With heavy clay soil areas, a sled base is much easier to use than a spike.

Small area sprinklers allow for targeted watering. Most units provide a single pattern that can be matched to the area to be watered. Another option is a turret sprinkler that has a dial with as many as 9 pattern choices from one sprinkler.

Also, encourage customers to water early in the day so the water can be used by the plants during the day and early enough to not burn plants while the water is drying.

All About Nozzles

Nozzles are great multi-taskers. One minute, it’s the geraniums, and the next, on to washing the car. Offer an assortment of features and sizes in nozzles, as not all nozzles fit all hands comfortably. Dial nozzles with multiple patterns offer the maximum versatility, but standard pistol grips and the brass twist nozzle have been best sellers for years. Be sure to add some of the newer designs with the large thumb control – very easy for older hands and smaller hands to use. It’s also a good idea to offer some specialized nozzles for customers with particular applications such as hot water use.

What Else About Watering?

The basics of sprinklers and nozzles take their potential to the next level when combined with accessories like flow control connectors, quick connectors, and timers. In particular the full flow shut-offs and y connectors offer much larger control knobs that can be gripped comfortably, even when wearing gloves.

Hose repair is another important part of watering. Available in a variety of materials and designs, be sure to offer choices. The Kinex poly and metal clamshell style offer larger clamps and longer, stainless steel screws, much better suited to securely repairing the larger diameter of today’s premium garden hoses.

And the list could go on! Consider Kinex for your watering needs, it’s where experience and attention to detail do make a difference!

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All About Quickie Manufacturing

outlook_H11_banner.jpgFounded in 1919, Quickie Manufacturing Corporation (“Quickie”), is a leading supplier and distributor of innovative cleaning tools and supplies. Wholly owned by Jarden Corporation since December 2010 and headquartered in Cinnaminson, New Jersey with manufacturing facilities in Lumberton, North Carolina, El Paso, Texas and Mexico, Quickie designs, manufactures and distributes over 300 cleaning products. Quickie cleaning products are for traditional in-home use as well as commercial, contractor-grade applications.

The product line include mops, brooms, dusters, dust pans, brushes, buckets and other supplies sold primarily under the leading brands Quickie Original®, Quickie Home-Pro® and Quickie Professional®. Quickie has over 100 product-related patents containing value-added features and innovative designs, and is the leader in almost every stick and smallware category in cleaning. Quickie’s historical success is attributable to its commitment to innovation and new product development.

Quickie Brands:
Quickie brands represent cleaning tools for various jobs and users. Whether you are a household focused cleaner or need the correct cleaning tool for a DIY project, Quickie® has the perfect tool to suit your need. Below is a list of our brands with benefits of each:

Quickie Original®
Our widest and deepest line of products, Quickie Original®, ranges from smallwares to mops and upright brooms, for the fast and efficient cleaner. This product line features unbeatable value with practical and dependable usage.

Quickie Home-Pro®
Contemporary, sophisticated design and colors for the innovative cleaner, Quickie HomePro®, appeals to a wide range of household cleaners. This line elevates cleaning to another level, whether you are dusting or doing some serious scrubbing.

Quickie Professional®
Tough, durable, robust cleaning tools for consumers looking for commercial grade quality. Quickie Professional®, is our cleaning line built to match larger areas and messes. Choose Quickie and clean like a pro.

The product line contractors purchase when looking for tools with ultimate cleaning performance. Jobsite® is a construction grade line of pushbrooms that are tough and durable for heavy duty use.

DIY grade to light commercial line of pushbrooms for specialize jobs needing a tough and durable product. This line contains patented and innovative features to help you do the job right the first time.

Our Featured Outdoor Products:

Professional® Jumbo Debris Dust Pan
This professional grade tool helps clean up large messes at home, in the garden, jobsite or warehouse. Designed to minimize back strain, the reinforced steel handle also comes with an ergonomically angled grip. The pan snap locks for greater control, and swivels 90° to hold debris in place while transporting.

Bulldozer® Pushbrooms
Your cleaning needs may be indoor or outdoor, for a rough or smooth surface; choose a Quickie® Bulldozer® pushbroom. Look for the right pushbroom for the job, knowing Quickie® has you covered. Simply select the correct pushboom for the area, surface and type of debris. No one knows pushbrooms like Quickie®. All of our pushbrooms have a 5 year limited warranty.

Professional® Super Stiff Upright Broom
Quickly clean up debris other upright brooms cannot. This broom sweeps crushed brick, block, rebar, landscape stones and other punishing objects with ease. Super stiff broom fibers sweep heavy debris such as rocks and mulch plus can remove dried mud or other outdoor residues. Simply hose-down the non-porous polypropylene fiber to rid the broom of the day’s work. This broom has an extra-thick and sturdy powder-coated steel handle with an indestructible block.

For more information on cleaning tools and Quickie® products visit:

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Make a “Splash” With Terra Verde Tools

outlook_T70_banner.jpgQuality, variety and value. For over 25 years, Terra Verde has provided hand tools and garden hoses with these features to independent garden centers and hardware stores in the northeast. As the “house brand” of Arett Sales, Terra Verde items have been selected to offer the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, at exceptional value, and keep our customers competitive in the marketplace. Our commitment to sell only to the independent channel, and not to the big box stores, allows our customers to avoid price matching on national brands, and maintain higher profit margins than average.

The mainstay of the Terra Verde brand has been our distinctive orange and black colored hand tools. Bypass pruners with heat-treated blades and non-stick coatings provide clean cuts to live plants. Professional pruners with a clean scissor-like action, and high-carbon steel blades, stay sharp and work smoothly longer. Floral shears with aluminum handles and soft comfort grips help to reduce hand fatigue. And the bright orange coloration means a tool dropped in the yard will be easily found.

Loppers and hedge shears round out the cutting tool collection. Terra Verde offers a wide selection, including bypass, compound bypass, and telescopic loppers, as well as hedge shears with bumpers and soft cushion grips. Each has its own features and benefits to fulfill the old adage, the right tool for the right job. And just like the pruners, each comes with a ten year warranty against manufacturers defect. This great selling feature speaks to the quality of each tool and will delight your customers.

New to the Terra Verde tool line this year is “Splash”, a collection of cutting tools with a playful touch of color. Aimed at the trend conscious gardener, these tools offer the same high quality as our orange and black line, but with vivid purple, green, and blue handles. Splash pruners, loppers, and floral and household shears come in equally assorted case packs.

The Terra Verde hand tool collection includes three assortments of digging tools in a good, better and best array. From the opening price point steel and plastic handles series, to the ergonomic rubberized handle “Sure Grip” series, these hand tools fill every customer’s needs. “Splash” hand tools were also introduced this year, in a new collection of polished cast aluminum heads with “easy grip” handles. These tools are lightweight and easy to hold, and transform gardening into the realm of fashion.

Long handle garden tools with fiberglass handles, pruning saws, rakes, and kneeling pads round out the Terra Verde garden tool collection. Tools are available in an assortment of displays or as open stock.

In addition to the garden tools, Terra Verde also supplies a quality line of garden and soaker hoses. Medium-duty hoses, with double spiraled reinforced construction, are available in 25, 50, 75, and 100 foot sizes. Heavy-duty hoses, with crush-proof couplings and kink-resistant continuous flow features are available in 50, 75, and 100. An industrial grade hose, with a lifetime warranty, is available in a 50 foot size. Soaker hoses in 25, 50, and 75 foot lengths round out the hose selection.

Recently, Terra Verde expanded into the plant stake category. Best sellers include super steel stakes, with pointed ends and ribbed green PE coverings. The packaged wood stakes are kiln-dried hardwood with pencil sharpened points, and the bamboo stakes are green dyed and packaged. Each is available in sizes from two to six foot, and come in either multi-size displays or single size open stock cases.

The latest addition to the Terra Verde line is a large assortment of plant supports. Available in a variety of styles, these supports feature plastic coatings which guard against conductive heat damage and sturdy steel construction to support foliage in an upright position. Each support contains droopy larger plants and bushes, and keeps tall plants looking their best.

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Dr. Earth Multiplies Your Profits With Marketing Innovation

outlook_D71_banner.jpgYou know that sick feeling you get when you see a customer walk out empty-handed and drive off, taking your profits with them. You need sales, and you just lost one. Maybe you were busy helping someone else, didn’t have enough employees on hand, or for whatever reason couldn’t connect with that prospect in time before they slipped away. And what if they never come back?

At Dr. Earth, we understand the challenges and concerns of independent nursery owners. We’re in business to meet your needs, exclusively. We don’t deal with those big box stores that compete with you unfairly. Instead, we offer a brilliant innovation to increase your profits: kit branding. Our Recipe For Success Kits make marketing so simple, so bold and beautiful, and so compelling, that you’ll wonder how you ever did business without them.

Here’s what often happens with worn-out, conventional retail approaches—

As potential customer Sally Brown drives along on a spring day, she sees your colorful nursery and can’t resist stopping. She comes in, wanders around, and decides to pick up a $2.00 tomato plant. Then, Sally remembers that she needs fertilizer. In fact, she should get some potting soil too, as well as insect and disease control products.

She starts looking. Wow. So many choices, in so many locations, require her to search far and wide. She picks up (and puts down) numerous products. The label information is either too vague or too confusing. Sally sighs and looks at her watch. Then she abandons her cart, taking only her $2.00 plant to the checkout. Or maybe she abandons that too. When it comes to customers, confuse them and you lose them.

Now, imagine the Kit Branding Difference:

Sally Brown is in a hurry. She only recently got into gardening and feels a little insecure, but she’d like to grow a tomato plant in a pot on her deck. Here’s where your green goods and hard goods team up for maximized profits; next to your tomato plants, you’ve set up a super-colorful Dr. Earth display that offers everything she needs in a gorgeous, eye-catching kit, an irresistible temptation that saves her time, trouble, and confusion, thereby making her happy.

The Dr. Earth Recipe For Success Kit For Vegetables, now in Sally’s cart, is only the beginning. What if she buys several types of plants and kits to match? Your profits increase exponentially with each combination. And by assuring her success, you’ve gained a loyal customer.

Our custom-designed kits target the essentials of successful gardening, everything needed to plant, provide, and protect. Each includes soil, fertilizer, and insect and disease control products, reinforced by the brand power of Probiotic. They focus the concept of one-stop-shopping to a sharper point than ever before.

Dr. Earth® carefully coordinated formulas and label designs in specific categories, so you can easily combine and display them as attractive kits such as:

  • Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting
  • Mother Land All Purpose Planting
  • Home Grown Vegetable Gardens
  • Natural Wonder Fruit Trees
  • Flower Girl Bud & Bloom Booster
  • Total Advantage Rose & Flower Gardens
  • Organic Medicine Gardens

To succeed in your business, it’s essential to recognize the trends that drive your industry. As you already know, going “green” equals “green.” But remember that long before organic became the commodity it is today, it was already the passion of the Dr. Earth Company. Organic is not only what we’ve been about since 1992; it’s all we’ve been about. As an industry leader, Dr. Earth has a track record and credibility like no one else, because of our integrity and unequaled quality, and expertise. Long ago, we built the brand that changed America.

Your success is our success, and it all starts with your customers’ success. The recipe for that success is Kit Branding, yet another Dr. Earth innovation for hardworking, independent nursery owners, like you. Taste the victory.

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Pest Knowledge – Mosquitoes


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A perfect day at the pool, around the BBQ or simply hanging out on the porch can quickly be ruined by even a single mosquito. Read below to learn interesting information on these pesky insects.

Why Are Mosquitoes Such Great Hunters?
Mosquitoes are insects that have been around for more than 30 million years. Over that time, they have been sharpening their skills to become the efficient pests they are today. Mosquitoes have an assortment of sensors designed to track their prey, including:

  • Chemical sensors. Mosquitoes can sense carbon dioxide from up to 75 feet away. Humans give off carbon dioxide as part of their normal breathing. Adults and pregnant woman exude more carbon dioxide than children, which is why there are more susceptible to mosquito bites. Certain chemicals in sweat, a high concentration of cholesterol and excess amount of certain acids, also attract mosquitoes.
  • Visual sensors. If you are wearing clothing that contrasts with the background, and especially if you move while wearing that clothing, mosquitoes can see you and zero in on you. It’s a good bet that anything moving is “alive” and therefore full of blood, so this is a good strategy.
  • Heat sensors. Mosquitoes can detect heat, so they can find warm-blooded mammals and birds very easily once they get close enough.

Who Do Mosquitoes like Best?
Studies show that 85% of our susceptibility to mosquito bites is due to genetics. However, there are many other factors that attract mosquitoes and considering they can small their dinner from up to 50 meters away, it’s not always easy to protect yourself.

Mosquito Development
There are more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world and roughly 150 that live in the United States. All mosquitoes lay their eggs in water which hatch into larvae and live anywhere from days to several weeks, depending on species and water temperature. The larva then changes into pupae, which live in the water between one to four days, and finally into an adult mosquito. The mosquito’s first mission is to seek a mate and lay eggs (for females only).

Mosquito Life Cycle

Did You Know?

  • There are 3,000+ species of mosquitoes in the world
  • Mosquito borne diseases kill more people per year than any other human factor
  • Mosquitoes need water to complete their life cycle
  • Mosquitoes typically lay 100-300 eggs per day
  • In warm weather, mosquitoes can go from egg to adult in as little as 4 days
  • Only certain species of mosquitoes bite humans – some feed on other species exclusively
  • Only females mosquitoes bite
  • Female mosquitoes can live up to 100 days – Males only 10-20 days

Other Mosquito Facts

What Makes That Buzzing Sound?
Mosquitoes beat their wings 300 to 600 times per second, producing a high-pitched drone.

Do Mosquitoes Eat Anything Besides Blood?
Only female mosquitoes consume blood. Male mosquitoes feed on sweet plant products: nectar from flowers, fruit juices and liquids that ooze from plants. When they’re not reproducing, females also eat sweets from plants.

What Does Standing Water Have To Do With Mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes lay eggs on the surface of stagnant water and in areas that flood on a regular basis. Eggs only need an inch of water to hatch.

Do Bug Zappers Kill Mosquitoes?
Despite multiple sizzles on a buggy summer evening, only 1 percent of zaps are due to mosquitoes. If you’re planning to purchase a zapper to control these biters, save your money.

How Fast Do Mosquitoes Fly?
Grab a radar gun, and you’ll clock mosquitoes zipping along at 1 to 1.5 mph. In an insect race, that would put them toward last place at the finish line, coming in behind honey bees, locusts and butterflies.

How Far Do Mosquitoes Fly?
Most mosquitoes fly roughly one to three miles. Many stay within a few hundred feet of their hatching location. Some salt marsh species fly up to 40 miles seeking out the ideal habitat.

Are Mosquitoes Dangerous Or Just A Nuisance?
Some agencies rank mosquitoes as the deadliest animal on earth because they can carry and transmit several deadly diseases, including malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis and dengue fever. Mosquitoes also carry West Nile virus and canine heartworm.

Do Mosquitoes Have Natural Predators?
Many fish eat mosquito larvae. Bats and purple martins catch a small number of adult mosquitoes. Dragonflies are one of the best predators. Dragonfly larvae (called nymphs) live in water and devour mosquito larvae; adult dragonflies eat adult mosquitoes. Some communities release dragonflies as part of their annual mosquito control program.

Arett Sales 2013 Update

New Outlooks And Improvements For Future Growth

The beginning of the 2013 lawn and garden season was filled with lots of excitement and uncertainty. With a major shift in the distributor landscape, many retailers were left scrambling to ensure their products were stocked for the spring season. In mid-January, Arett responded with several initiatives to ensure that independent lawn and garden centers would have a strong, stable and secure supply chain partner well into the future. Now that we are more than half way through the spring season, we wanted to give you a recap on Arett’s progress and an outlook into the future.

Personnel & Office Expansion
Overall, Arett has added over 50 employees in various departments to accommodate our increase in business and to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. To accommodate our larger staff, we repurposed our Pennsauken “backroom” into office space with 5 offices and 15 cubicles and added a new parking lot to accommodate staff and visitors. With the good fortune of growing and gaining many new staff members, comes the challenge of remembering who is who. We developed a staff photo phone list to help everyone get better acquainted. In addition, we have scheduled a summer BBQ every other Friday to help build a cohesive team. All are welcome!

parking lot

Picture Phone List

Information Technology

One of Arett’s major short term and long term priorities is improving the Business Systems and Solutions within the company. As we speak, we have an infrastructure upgrade in development that includes replacing our server hardware, installing new server software and creating a virtualized server environment that will give us an Arett Private Cloud Infrastructure. This will allow Arett to enjoy improved performance, increased capacity and elevated Disaster Recovery Planning.

Arett has also improved our EDI programs and established several new EDI connections with customers and vendors alike which frees up time for our customer service and accounting teams to better deal with the customers’ needs rather than handling, matching and processing paperwork.

Looking ahead, Arett is in Phase 1 of upgrading our Business Systems which will include a new, state of the art ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). This 2 year and approximately $1.5 million project will provide Arett leading edge technology to better serve our customers and empower our employees with better processes and access to information. In the meantime, we have already made several improvements in the online ordering system, Arett Direct, and have other improvements scheduled to be completed by the Open House 2013.

To keep up with the additional business and a dramatic increase of inventory, operations increased warehouse space significantly in both Connecticut and Ohio and increased the associate staffing levels in excess of 60% to effectively handle the increased workload. Arett has also just signed a lease on a new 200,000 square foot warehouse in Troy, Ohio. We will be moving our Midwest operations into this new facility in November.

Even with all of the changes, the distribution centers have maintained high efficiency rates, with YTD order accuracy (based on warehouse errors) running 99.83% for the Bristol, CT warehouse and 99.90% for the Troy, OH warehouse. We would also like to congratulate the entire team from the Troy, OH distribution center for going 775 consecutive days without an injury.

Good Tidings
The biggest line acquisition made by Arett in 2013 was Good Tidings, which is now available exclusively through Arett Sales. By maintaining the same knowledgeable staff, Arett was able to sustain the same great selection, quality and service expected by Good Tidings customers.

Arett is currently in the process of building out a new 10,200 sq. ft. Good Tidings showroom providing 20% more space than before and only 5 minutes away from the Baltimore airport – doors are scheduled to open in Summer 2013.

The new and improved Good Tidings Showroom will have a full-time professionally trained staff, new Trim-A-Tree themes, expanded trees and lighting programs, early order incentives, container pricing, showroom only specials and an expanded Fall & Halloween décor. Good Tidings is also excited to announce the inclusion of GE and Gemmy into the 2014 Holiday assortment. Please contact us with any questions via email at or phone- 410-360-6614.

Accounting, Credit And Customer Service
As part of our continuing efforts to increase productivity, reduce expenses and go green, we have acquired a state-of-the-art printing/mailing machine appropriately nicknamed “The Beast”. With this new technology, we will be able to get invoices and statements out faster and eliminate mailing errors. In addition, we will soon be able to email or fax invoices and statements to our customers.


The Merchandising department is implementing a new organizational model that pairs Merchants with Planners, wherein the Merchants will be responsible for the front end of the business relationship, and the Planners will be responsible for the back end.  The establishment of teams like this will truly help us to maintain focus and complete all tasks at hand. Despite the industry disruptions, we have been able to maintain industry leading high fill rates, just slightly below our historical averages.

Advertising & Marketing
Greensmith Graphics, the advertising arm of Arett Sales, has implemented numerous marketing initiatives to better support our retailers in both product sell through and product knowledge. In addition to the wide assortment of print programs, including direct mail, gift card mailers, loyalty cards, signage and custom design work, Greensmith has put a large emphasis on digital marketing. We now offer comprehensive website and E-Commerce development, email marketing and video production.

Greensmith has put a large emphasis on product training and knowledge through Arett University, the industry’s first online learning center. Arett U provides retailers the ability to create a custom learning curriculum for employees and track their progress throughout the program. In addition to manufacturer specific courses, Arett U offers the Arett U Knowledge Bank, the Arett U Interactive Forum, Arett U Virtual Seminars, Arett On Demand and the Arett U Plant Gallery.

A Special Thanks To All Arett Employees
All of the success that has occurred since the beginning of the year has not come easy. Without the hard work, dedication and individual ownership of every Arett employee, we would not have been able to handle the increased workload.

Bonide: A Leader In Lawn & Garden Since 1926

outlook_B70_banner.jpgWhen you walk into the offices at Bonide’s state of the art manufacturing and distribution facility in Oriskany, NY, the first thing you see is a collection of pest control products that the company has manufactured for sale since 1926. The collection is also a time capsule of the history of the lawn and garden care industry in the US, and Bonide’s role in growing that industry.

When brothers James H. and George Wurz started Bonide Products in 1926, they could not have imagined the growth and changes that the industry would see in the following 87 years. Those changes have seen Bonide thrive and expand its operation and offering to what is today, one of the main lawn and garden companies in the country.

Bonide’s growth started expanding incrementally in the late 1990’s when independent lawn and garden and hardware dealers started looking for alternatives to the margin challenged portfolio of national brands that were available at big box stores. Taking on the multi-national big business brands that dominated the consumer products category in lawn and garden required a well-executed growth strategy. The strategy needed to identify and then provided what independent retailers felt were necessary to survive.

Bonide’s first step was to evaluate its offering and upgrade and expand the products that it offered to retailers. New formulations with replacement chemistry for chemicals like Diazinon and Dursban were important additions to the Bonide line. New labeling and updated packaging also helped modernize the Bonide look and offering.

To deal with the new opportunities that the product upgrade and increased demand from retailers brought, Bonide started to expand its field sales team. Bonide hired sales managers from existing industry players, and capitalized on candidates with strong local knowledge of pest problems. From the mid 2000’s to today, Bonide has added over 30 market-savvy sales experts to manage their growing business.

As Bonide’s controls business expanded, so did the need to broaden their offering to other categories. In late 2011, Bonide announced that it would add a full line of turf care products to its product lineup under the DuraTurf brand. DuraTurf products, including quality lawn fertilizers, pre and post emergent weed controls, granular insect controls and other turf related products was an instant hit with customers. Bonide rolled out its own “4-Phase” program to help consumers understand lawn care items correctly. The 4-Phase program is supported by a unique redeemable gift card that gives the consumer a rebate if they purchase all 4 phases at the same time. The rebate is in the form of a gift card to the selling retailer.

Bonide DuraTurf Grass Seed is also a part of the new DuraTurf line. Seed is high quality and is blended in formulations that are suited to specific growing needs. In addition to the traditional Sun, Shade, and Sun/Shade mixes, DuraTurf offers consumers seeds blended for Heat and Drought, High Traffic, Quick Growing, and Triple Rye as well as a Premium Estate Lawn mixture. Seed is available in package sizes from 3/4 lb. shakers to 50 lb. bags.

Bonide marketing has also evolved dramatically in the past 5 years. In 2009, Bonide offered retailers the first fully-functional on-shelf problem solver. This interactive video unit encourages consumers to solve their own lawn and garden problems at the shelf, simply by touching an image of the insect, weed, disease, or other problem on the screen and being directed to the right product to solve the problem. Consumers and retailers found the “Bonified Touch Screen” to be a valuable asset at store level.

In 2010, Bonide launched its first app for iPhone and Android phones and PDA’s. By putting the information into the hands of consumers and retailers at the shelf, or even at home, Bonide is helping people make informed gardening decisions, and is taking the mystery out of garden care products.

Bonide’s May 2012 purchase of the Revenge brand of nuisance pest control products and the immediate redesign of the packaging for that 90-year-old company further illustrates Bonide’s evergreen approach to traditional and cutting edge technology in a category that is surging in sales as a result.

2014 will see Bonide expand its radio advertising programs to over 800 markets in the US, and will also see their historic first TV ad.

Advertising, cutting edge technology, field sales experts, customized programs and delivering a quality product every time insures that Bonide will continue to grow and thrive in the competitive consumer lawn and garden industry.

For more information, visit the Bonide website for updates and contact information.

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