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We Use Earth’s Finest Soil Amendment

Earthworms do more than plough the soil. They also devour harmful, disease-causing bacteria, encourage beneficial microbes to flourish, and help deliver nutrients to the root zone. Earthworm castings are extraordinarily high in helpful bacteria and fungi that attach to a plant’s roots. These little bits of life transform nutrients in the soil making them easier for plants to absorb.
Water holding capacity is improved and nutrient levels are elevated in soil that contains castings. The process of worms digesting soil adds enzymes like phosphatase and cellulase, important in cell development and protein absorption. Best of all, soil mixed with earthworm castings has been shown to encourage seed germination, support plant growth as well as increase crop yield.
Earthworms prefer a damp, rich soil. Adding organic matter—compost, aged manure, mulch, and organic fertilizers—will give them something to munch on while they’re keeping plants healthy. They like undisturbed soil. Instead, try smothering weeds with newspaper or cardboard, piling compost, mulch, dried leaves, grass clippings, and aged manure on top, and letting that settle for a few months. Then plant right into it. No digging required!
Fill unused beds with cover crops like fava, vetch, and rye. Earthworms are attracted to the roots, and the crops make a great “green manure.” The roots help hold soil in place during heavy rains, and in spring, you can cut the crops down or pull them out and add them right to the composter. Avoid harsh chemicals like high-nitrogen lawn fertilizers or any chemical designed to kill nematodes and grubs; they’ll also hurt earthworm populations.

Earthworm Castings Are ALIVE!

Earthworm castings are the powerhouse ingredient in many of FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company’s products, including our premium Ocean Forest® Potting Soil. We start with rich compost. Remember that worm castings are nothing more than compost that has passed through the gut of a worm. Compost, or decomposed organic matter, is a basic building block of healthy soil. So why do we get so excited about worm castings?
Earthworm castings are known to have an extraordinary effect on plant life. They are one of the most enriched soil conditioners available. A healthy earthworm culture is bursting with life, full of regenerative organic material that plants thrive on. That’s why FoxFarm products are never steam sterilized.

Good Things From the Earth and Sea™

Ocean Forest® Potting Soil is the ultimate potting soil—everything your plants need—in one bag. Ocean Forest® contains a powerful blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and sea-going fish and crab meal.
Composted forest humus and peat mosses give Ocean Forest® its light, aerated texture for a versatile planting medium. These also make it especially effective in holding moisture around the roots of plants. Recommend Ocean Forest® to customers for glorious gardening results—and save a little water at the same time!

Ready to Use — In a Gorgeous Package!

The naturally rich ingredients in Ocean Forest® Potting Soil provide the ideal environment for seedlings to become vigorous plants. Seeds can be planted directly into FoxFarm Ocean Forest® Potting Soil for exceptional results. It is ready to use—no additional ingredients are required. Also excellent for potted houseplants and container gardens, and perfect for vegetables, fruits, trees, roses, herbs, berries, flowers, and shrubs.
Ocean Forest® is packed in beautiful full color (recyclable) 12-Quart bag with a handle and a 1.5-Cubic Foot bag. See a full list of products at foxfarmfertilizer.com.
FoxFarm Ocean Forest® Potting Soil is a number one best seller. Start recommending Ocean Forest® and listen to your customer’s excitement when they return for more!
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The New American Lawn: A New Approach To Lawn Care

Jonathan greenMake this year a complete and responsible approach to your lawn care that provides real results. Did you know that crabgrass does not grow in the shade? That you can apply grass seed in early spring and still have a great lawn by summer? You can spot treat your lawn problems and avoid blanket applications over all your lawn? Why do the same lawn routine for the past 10+ years if you still only have a C+ lawn? Take charge of your lawn and break away from past failures. At Jonathan Green we call it the New American Lawn. What a great idea!

A thick, healthy growing lawn is your best defense against common problems like weeds, insects and fungus. You can kill all of the weeds, bugs and fungus and still have a lousy looking lawn. To achieve a great lawn first you must start with genetically superior grass seed like our Black Beauty grass seed. Stop buying the quick-fix, fast-growing, cheap seed that is out on the market. When you buy a car do you look for the cheapest one on the block? No! It should be the same for your grass seed.
Next, we need a healthy, biologically active soil to grow any great plant whether it is a lawn, shrub or tomato. What have you done for your soil lately? The soil is the foundation of the lawn and if you have poor soil, chances are you will have a poor lawn. Have you tested your soil pH? If the soil pH is too low the grass will have trouble growing. Apply Mag-I-Cal Calcium Fertilizer to balance the pH and release trapped nutrients in the soil. Most lawns suffer from soil compaction which prevents the grass roots from growing deeply into the ground. Use Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil to stimulate the microbes in the soil and change the biology of your soil from compacted to loose and porous. This will allow the grass roots room to grow and let air and water flow easily through the soil.
Consider using a combination of traditional and organic fertilizers on your lawn. In the early spring when the ground is cooler use a traditional fertilizer, like our Green-Up Lawn Fertilizer. It will green up the grass quicker than organic fertilizers which require warmer soils to be effective. The reason that we want to be sure to add organic lawn fertilizers to our lawn care program is because they feed the soil life. Relying strictly on synthetic forms of fertilizer ignores the beneficial biology of lawn soil life. Organic lawn fertilizers work in conjunction with nature to ensure a healthy, good looking lawn.
Why apply broadleaf weed control over every inch of your lawn when weeds are only growing in certain areas of your lawn? A targeted approach to weed control is more environmentally sound. You can use Lawn Weed Control on these problem areas and a regular lawn fertilizer in the rest of the lawn. This is similar to when a doctor prescribes you an antibiotic for an infection for 10 days and then you try to go back and have a healthy lifestyle including a proper diet, rest and exercise.
Remember if you only treat the symptoms of your lawn, like weeds and bare spots, you will never get to the “root” of the problem. Build up a thick, healthy lawn with superior grass seed and biologically active soil and you will soon be on your way to growing the New American Lawn. To learn more we invite you to visit newamericanlawn.com.
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Greensmith Graphics: Arett Sales’ Advertising & Marketing Division

GreensmithJoin your fellow Independent Garden Centers and promote with Greensmith Graphics. To date we have printed over 5,600,000 pieces and it’s just the beginning of April!

What are you doing to respond to these statistics?

  • Millenials (age 18-34) are most willing to exchange personal data for deals and promotions 1
  • 80% of internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days… and 46% of them took action! 2
  • For consumers, newspaper engagement scores exceeded those of other media (TV, radio, social media) 3
  • 93% of U.S. consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually 4
  • 72% of customers will spend MORE than the value of their card 4
  • More than 64 percent of consumers say they “value the mail” they receive in their mailbox, but only 36 percent of business believe their consumers still value their mail 5
  • Over 50% of respondents say they read “most of” their emails 6
  • 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form 6
  • 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales 6
  • Only 12% of consumers do their product research at a traditional store 7
  • Online consumers will increase their spending’s 62% by 2016 7


Having trouble maintaining and updating your website?
Need to revamp or create a new site?
Want to send a mass email?
Want to add a video to your current site?

Let Greensmith Graphics take care of this for you! We have designed many new websites and email programs. Our video production staff can come to your store and create a springtime video to post on your site and use for years to come!


Capture the attention of drive-by traffic with
$379.99 each*

  • Custom design
  • Flag, printed one side in full color
  • Blade hardware
  • Storage case

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Having an Event?
Announce it with an Extra Large Postcard!
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  • 6″ x 11″
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signageCustomers having a hard time locating product in your store?
Call GREENSMITH GRAPHICS for store signs!



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SunGro And Fafard: Working Together To Bring You Quality Products

SunGroThis year Sun Gro Horticulture has become larger than the sum of its parts. When Fafard was acquired to bring two superior companies together, the result is double the options on high quality soil products for your garden center. Simpler ordering, more rapid delivery and greater diversity combine to ensure quality organic potting soils, amendments and fertilizers are all there for you under the familiar Sun Gro label. With organic gardening exploding everywhere, there is no better way to obtain your market share than with proven products that offer more diversity than ever before.
To simplify your efforts we’ve created a single web site portal for easy access to all our companies and products under one roof at SunGro.com. Here you’ll find direct access to Black Gold, Fafard and other industry favorites.
Both companies share an enduring dedication to our retail customers who have come to depend on Sun Gro products. Garden centers can expect the same strong commitment to customer service. Recognition that Sun Gro products contain no bio-solids and are biologically intensive helps customers return to them time and again. Our focus on retail garden centers is stronger than ever before, adding powerful social media efforts to encourage your customers to do more by building their soils with quality organic products.
Sign up for the newly updated, highly competitive Sun Gro Cooperative Retail Advertising Program to enjoy the benefits of past patronage. Cash in on our helpful advertising display racks, posters and promotional accessories customized with your logo to provide even more opportunity to brand your store, or choose from a wide variety of Black Gold and Fafard point of purchase materials. Rebate coupons are available for Fafard, Black Gold and the new Sunshine Mix #4 with Mycorhizzae, a perfect introductory media for new customers exploring hydroponic growing alternatives.
Black Gold has been supplying quality soils, amendments and fertilizers since1983. Our line of quality products have become an icon in American garden centers which is growing even more recognizable due to our OMRI listed products. At BlackGold.com, we believe in educating the client by providing a steady stream of helpful tips and ideas for retailers and consumers. You’ll find top TV and radio gardening personalities praise Black Gold including the Paul Parent radio show. They put their words and reputations behind the Black Gold OMRI listed products to help everyone improve their gardens and plant yields naturally. At our web site your customers can sign up for our expert written monthly Newsletter and frequent social media posts. These posts provide actionable ideas for projects and practices that send customers back to you for supplies and plants throughout the gardening season.
Fafard remains one of the finest product lines available to both professional growers and retailers. Today’s retail products are based on the most popular Fafard formulations, so your customers enjoy the same consistent quality demanded by the industry. This extensive array is now a part of Sun Gro Horticulture to bring the very same expectant level of quality that made it a favorite brand since the 1920s. We are hoping that Fafard’s retail products will be available on the same truck as Black Gold in 2014.
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Know Your Roots: Learning About And Caring For Your Grass

ScottsGrass is an extraordinary plant, the unsung hero of backyards everywhere. It helps clean the air; cool the ground, reduce erosion, and provide one of the softest outdoor play surfaces – even through all the use and abuse. With proper care and feeding, grass offers many benefits to homeowners and the environment.

Why is grass so beneficial?

  • Removes carbon and greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, and removes impurities, dirt and dust from the air
  • Reduces runoff and erosion by stabilizing the soil with its deep roots
  • Works with nature to create a thriving ecosystem
  • Absorbs sound to reduce noise pollution
  • Provides a soft, safe, resilient surface for family fun and relaxation
  • Offers a low maintenance/low cost option for landscaping

How to care for grass?

  1. To fill in bare spots, use a high quality seed appropriate for your region, like a Scotts® Turf Builder® EZ Seed mix. When starting a new lawn, choose a grass type that is best suited for your region and is drought tolerant.
  2. When feeding your grass, use Scotts® Turf Builder®. This lawn food can be used in any season on any grass type, and delivers balanced nutrients for strong, thick grass.
  3. When seeding or feeding, use Scotts® Deluxe EdgeGuard® Broadcast Spreader for larger areas to direct lawn food only where desired—on the lawn and off hard surfaces—and out of storm sewers! This spreader combines the accuracy of a drop spreader with the speed of a rotary spreader.
  4. Remember these three simple tips: mow your grass at the highest setting, keep grass clippings on the lawn, and water only when needed.

What is the truth about grass and lawn food?

MYTH: Grass needs a lot of water to be vibrant.
FACT: Grass actually needs less water than trees and shrubs to thrive.
MYTH : Lawn food kills earthworms and other beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
FACT: Feeding your grass actually adds organic matter to the soil that earthworms and microorganisms use for food.
MYTH : All-purpose fertilizers are acceptable for use on my lawn.
FACT: All-purpose fertilizers, like a 10-10-10 blend, is not made for use on lawns and can add up to six times the phosphorus grass needs annually. Use a high quality lawn food specifically designed for grass. Look for phosphorus-free options if your grass is well established.
MYTH : Lawns do not need fertilizer.
FACT: Lawn food helps produce strong, deep-rooted grass, which, in turn, reduces run-off and erosion, enriches soil and promotes clean air, and absorbs water better than sparse, thinning grass.

Where does grass come from?

  • Bermudagrass originates in Africa and was introduced to the United States in the 1700s. It is favored for its ability to withstand high volumes of traffic and use.
  • Centipedgrass originates in China and was first used in the US in 1918. This grass is found amongst lawns in the Southeast.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass was first used by early American settlers and derives its name from the bluish color seen in the tip of the grass in spring. It is also considered a Sun & Shade variety.
  • St. Augustinegrass is native to the Gulf of Mexico, West Indies and West Africa, and has been used in the Southern US as turfgrass since the 1890s.
  • Tall Fescue hails from Europe and was introduced to the US in the 1800s. It is known for its ability to withstand poor soils, drought and wet conditions.

Now that you know your lawn’s roots, care for them well and enjoy all they have to offer you and your family!

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Waking Up Your Pond for the Spring

Pond Boss

By Todd Rosendahl and Victor T. Romero
Now that winter is finally over, it’s time to get outdoors and wake up your pond for the spring! During the winter months your pond or water garden naturally goes into its own form of hibernation. The cold weather slows down all natural activity of plants and organisms living in your pond or water garden. This is why it becomes important to “wake-up” the pond every spring to help promote a thriving and well-balanced ecosystem for your pond or water garden.
A good way to explain the importance of this activity would be to use fish as an example. Because fish generally cannot regulate their own body temperature, their temperature is usually the same as the water in which they live. For example, if the water temperature is 50 degrees, their body temperature is 50 degrees. Through the winter months, fish tend to slow down their activity level and basically hibernate and go to sleep. As spring arrives and the water temperature increases, they become more and more active. As they become more active, they gradually begin to get their appetites and start to feed, therefore producing more waste. The amount of waste can be controlled in a well-balanced ecosystem.
The following tips can help you succeed at having a well- balanced eco-system for your pond or water feature as well as help your fish and aquatic plants looking healthy and vibrant.
It is extremely important to test your pond water so you will be able to determine exactly what it needs, to identify an existing problem and prevent a potential problem. There are two types of water test kits you can use and they are test strip kits and liquid test kits. The strips are the preferred method because they are easier to use. You may also want to invest in a pond thermometer as this will help you determine what condition your pond is in.
If you add water to your pond or water feature and high levels of chlorine are present, you should use a Chlorine Remover to de-chlorinate the water because chlorine and chloramines can harm your fish. You should also add beneficial Cold Water Bacteria to give your pond a “jump-start”, as most of the beneficial bacteria will have already died off over the winter. This “jump-start” is needed to seed the biological process and reduce ammonia, nitrates and nitrites that can cause problems in your pond or water garden. This process is highly recommended annually at the start of the spring season. Warm Water Bacteria can also be used to improve the health of your pond when the water temperature is above 55°F.
If you have aquatic plants it is very important to thin-them-out and re-plant, to give them a healthy start for the spring. By “thinning out” we mean, after a year or two we recommend that you take potted plants out of their container, and separate them. If plants do not have their own space to grow, it can cause problems in the health of your pond water. Aquatic Planting Media with zeolites is highly recommended for aquatic plant growth.
If you see a buildup of organic material on the bottom of the pond you will want to use a Sludge Remover that will help reduce the load. Think of the organic material on the bottom of the pond as a compost pile. As the water temperature increases, the compost pile starts to break down, using oxygen in the break down process. If this continues over a period of time your pond water will suffer from a number of health problems, due to lack of oxygen in the water.
Fountains and waterfalls help improve aeration and add more oxygen to the water. UV pond and waterfall pumps will also help reduce harmful bacteria. Additional filters may be required to collect debris if your pond or water garden is surrounded by low lying trees. All of the previously mentioned water treatments, pumps, and filters are available under the pond boss® brand.
Taking these steps early is the key to success for a healthy, optimized pond or water garden. We hope you have a wonderful water gardening season!
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