What’s New At Arett Sales For 2013

new for 2013In response to the unprecedented recent events in our industry, Arett Sales has taken several initiatives to ensure that independent lawn and garden centers can have a strong, stable and secure supply chain partner that will be able to move products from manufacturers to retail shelves with as little disruption as possible.

As a fourth generation family-owned business, Arett Sales takes great pride in supporting the industry for over sixty years, maintaining open communications with our customers, and providing fast order turnaround with high order fill rates. Read below for an overview or what’s new at Arett Sales for 2013.

Arett University
Arett Sales is excited to announce the launch of Arett University, a free online learning center for all Arett customers. The core mission of Arett University is to promote learning within the lawn and garden industry. The University offers Independent Garden Centers the knowledge and skills to succeed as professionals and fully understand the unique offerings of today’s Manufacturers. As we continue to work diligently with the top lawn and garden manufacturers to develop a curriculum best suited for the independent garden centers product knowledge needs, Arett University has many features that can benefit your store employees immediately …
  • Arett U Virtual Seminars – Arett U Virtual Seminars provide you access to presentations from top manufacturers and industry professionals from the comfort of your home and/or office. Simply log on to watch a live 30 minute presentation on a variety of topics. There are currently 10 presentations scheduled from top manufacturers such as Jonathan Green (2/27), Aquascape (3/16), Bonide (3/20), Fox Farm (3/27), LFS Gloves (4/6), just to name a few. Register today – https://arett.webex.com
  • Arett U Knowledge Bank – There are currently 35 courses available on important lawn and garden information that garden center employees MUST know in order to be successful. Some of these courses include – “What is Lawn Thatch”, “How to Properly Mow Your Lawn”, “Basic Pest Control Facts”, “Tips for Healthy Houseplants”, “Pricing Theory”, “When to Prune a Tree” and many more.
  • Interactive Forums – Share ideas and experiences with your peers in the interactive forum area. Post a question or topic to the field and get notified when someone responds.
  • Custom Curriculum – Enroll your employees in courses that are most relevant to their product knowledge needs.
  • Tracking – Track your progress as you strive to achieve your PhD from Arett University.
  • Arett U Plant Gallery – Gain access to thousands of plants and identify your environmental restrictions to see a custom list of plants.
Greensmith Graphics, Arett’s In-House Advertising Agency
Greensmith Graphics’ team was thrilled with the response to website development inquiries, direct mail postcards and fliers, store signage and loyalty cards – all to help build store traffic and stimulate interest and store recognition. Many customers also took advantage of the new rebranded HG Shopper platform which provides retailers a branded E-Commerce solution at an unbelievable price.
Customers were thrilled to see there was still time to run early spring promotions!
Increase Warehouse Space
One of the more important steps Arett has taken to ensure customer satisfaction has been to increase our infrastructure to support additional business and maintain our industry-leading fill rates. As of January 1st, Arett is now operating out of more than 600,000 square feet in our Troy, Ohio and Bristol, Connecticut warehouses, serving customers from Maine to South Carolina, west to Michigan and Illinois. In addition, as business continues to grow, we have an agreement to add another 50,000 square feet to Bristol and Troy, respectively. To maintain efficient warehousing and distribution practices in these increased warehouse space, Arett has hired 27 new warehouse employees.
New Arett Vendors For 2013:
  • Advanced Seasonal Innovations (A97)
  • Bite-Lite (B11)
  • Boskke (B97)
  • Christmas By Krebs (C95)
  • Dr. Earth (D71)
  • Gronomics (G80)
  • Holiday Projectors (M72)
  • Kwok Hing (K90)
  • Massarelli’s (M01)
  • McGuire Industries – Flex Rake (F58)
  • Misty Mate (M34)
  • Modern Harvest (M69)
  • Morton Salt (M36)
  • NeoNeon (N23)
  • RDS Sports – Clamp It! (R81)
  • S & S innovations (T81)
  • Sanco (S22)
  • Scenic Road (R82)
  • Shanghai Daisey (S41)
  • Store – It – More (J69)
  • Tetra (T22)
  • Union Products (U15)
  • Woman’s Work (W49)
Arett Growth
In order to keep up with the increased demand, Arett Sales has made significant hires throughout several departments.
  • Rebecca Morgan – Credit Coordinator
  • Christine McConnell – Accounts Payable
  • Brenda Oldfield – Collections
  • Colleen Washington – Accounts Receivable
  • Sara Brogan – Accounts Receivable
Information Technology
  • Michael Perilli – Director of Information Technology
  • Dipal Parikh – Sr. Developer
  • Terry Murphy – Web Developer
  • Jean Nerestant – Graphic Artist
Customer Service
  • DJ McNair – Customer Service Representative
  • Nancy Osterhoudt – Customer Service Representative
  • Kathy Vandergrift – Data Processing/Customer Service
Troy Warehouse
  • Steve Oglesbee – Assistant Warehouse Manager
Troy Warehouse Associates
  • Michael Wood
  • Ryan Hagen
  • Carlos Young
  • David Swartz
  • Paul Didier
  • Franklin Evans
  • Robert Carroll
  • Shane Miller
  • Nicklaus James
Bristol Warehouse Associates
  • Howard Therriault
  • Nicholas Ashley
  • Steve Lavallee
  • Brandon Ashley
  • Patrick Holley
  • Angel Gutierrez
  • Aubrey Durham
  • Greg Ballester
  • Phil Cushon
  • Marcus Mack
  • Tim Wilson
  • Nicholas McCarthy
  • James Curry
  • Jose Estrada
  • Mark Seiler
  • Tyler Nolan
  • Shawn Petrucci
Good Tidings
  • Jack Boyd
  • Dotty King
  • Jane Quinn
  • Bob Aguiar – MA
  • Paul Bishop – MD
  • Chris Conti – NJ
  • Ralph Lugo – VA
  • Dave Moran – NJ
  • Rick Scott – NJ
  • Derek Crossley – DE
  • Ryan Sidey – Long Island
  • John Diamond – MD
  • Steve Goding – NH
  • Kevin Lyons – MA
  • Tom Crooks – MI

Our mission is to continue to fulfill the needs of our lawn and garden retail customers by providing 100% satisfaction. We pledge to offer the benefits our customers deserve and have become accustomed to. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team with any questions – 800-257-8220800-257-8220 FREE x1.

2013 Seasonal Showcase Vendor Highlights

Vendor_highlightsWith so many new and exciting manufacturers attending this year’s Seasonal Showcase, it is difficult to select just a few who stood out.

A94 A & B Home:
A & B Home is a recognized leader, importer and supplier of decorative home decor, garden and floral product to the retail & wholesale industry. Their buying & marketing teams create over 1,500 exclusive new items every six months. Fiberstone Statuary Planters, Garden Figurines, Bird Cages & Baths, Garden Decor, Bistro Sets and much more.
R28 Regal Art and Gift:
Regal Art & Gift is a leader in the wholesale Garden & Home Decor industry, creating fun, innovative designs that meet the garden retailer’s needs. New Exciting Products for 2013: Solar Lights, Yard Art, Garden Decor, Wall Art, Garden Stakes and more. Regal Art & Gift maintains a philosophy of “giving back” the prosperity that they have been blessed with. They donate 10% of their profits every month to do social welfare work in underdeveloped countries like India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Mexico.
G08 Gemmy:
While walking the show many vendors were visibly excited with the positive attitude of the customers. Doug Stewart from Gemmy Industries commented – “This is the busiest show day that he could ever remember”. He also added that the dealers who attended the show were very impressed with the wide assortment of inflatables that were available. When asked what the bestselling item in the Gemmy show listing was. Doug replied that “The dealers were buying across the board without showing any particular emphasis on any item but really liked what they saw”. I guess we will have to wait for the results when the orders are entered into our computer system for final evaluations. Dealers that did not attend the show really missed a great buying event.
S03 Nicholas Holiday:

The GE line of holiday lights, trees, and electrical accessories has always led the Arett Sales Holiday programs. It is a branded product that is recognized for quality and its market value. Everyone trusts a product that carries the GE brand. This year is no different. The response from the customers was better than ever and this year’s sales should substantially exceed last year’s record volume. For those customers who did not attend the Arett February Showcase, they missed a great opportunity to evaluate this product and get some expert advice from the GE manufacturer’s representatives.
T13 Pocket Hose:
The Pocket Hose in power alley was the talk of the show as a “new ” and unique product. Sales exceeded expectations and continue to grow. Packaged to fit any store format with a floor stand, power wind displays, and open stock for in line shelf stocking. Supplemented by as “AS SEEN ON TV” campaign, the item will be a winner this spring.

Access To “New” Vendors & Customers:

Several new Arett vendors were excited to have the forum to transition Commerce customers familiar with their products into the Arett family, while also having the opportunity to reach out to new customers. Those included Sweet Peet (S92), Melnor (M35), Exotic Pebbles (E93), and Technisoil (T32). This was also true for the exclusive Arett manufacturers: Fox Farm (F42), Kinex (K01), Sun Gro (S84), and VPG (V60).Good basic business needs were satisfied with dealers and manufacturers able to get a comfortable feeling that they will be ready for a great spring.

  • Advanced Seasonal Innovations (A97)
  • Bite-Lite (B11)
  • Boskke (B97)
  • Christmas By Krebs (C95)
  • Dr. Earth (D71)
  • Gronomics (G80)
  • Holiday Projectors (M72)
  • Kwok Hing (K90)
  • Massarelli’s (M01)
  • McGuire Industries – Flex Rake (F58)
  • Misty Mate (M34)
  • Modern Harvest (M69)
  • Morton Salt (M36)
  • NeoNeon (N23)
  • RDS Sports – Clamp It! (R81)
  • S & S innovations (T81)
  • Sanco (S22)
  • Scenic Road (R82)
  • Shanghai Daisey (S41)
  • Store – It – More (J69)
  • Tetra (T22)
  • Union Products (U15)
  • Woman’s Work (W49)
Vendor Testimonials
  • James Collier, (Owner, COLLIER Manufacturing, LLC) – “My congratulations to you and your team on a great show. A good number of your Dealers took advantage of our Power Alley deal, and the Booth traffic was steady throughout. What was exceptionally refreshing was that your sales force came through consistently looking for info, and giving feedback on their personal experiences using our product, 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner. COLLIER Mfg was thrilled to be a part of this great effort, so a big Thank You. I look forward to seeing you in Atlantic City at your Fall Show”
  • Kevin McGerry (Regional Sales Manager, Bond Manufacturing) – “2013 Arett Showcase did not disappoint. With the recent changes in lawn & garden distribution, this show could not come at a better time. It was great to see new dealers understand and see for themselves just how much of a valuable distributor Arett Sales is and will continue to be. Dealer confidence seems to be very high and optimistic heading into the spring, which I feel will show in overall business. We at Bond Manufacturing are thankful for the support we received and look forward to building our relationship even more”
  • Gary Drake (VP of Sales, Easy Gardener Products) – “The Arett 2013 Seasonal Showcase was extremely well attended by dealers looking for Spring deals on L&G products as well as planning their Fall and Christmas display items. We actually launched a new product line for March 2013 shipments and sold over 20 displays with several more pending. We certainly felt as a vendor we got a return on our investment and I got the same feeling from the dealers who attended”
  • Brooke Feld (Sales Manager, Precision Products) – “The 2013 February Seasonal Showcase was a great success for Precision. As always Arett Sales is a class act and knows how to put on a great show for their dealers. In speaking with a number of new dealers I promoted the Precision product line, Precision’s advantages compared to our competition, and wrote orders. Many of the dealers also spoke about challenges they are facing in having to change distributors this time of year with Spring rapidly approaching. The dealers new to Arett were very impressed with the expansive offering Arett Sales provides and the support they have received thus far from both their sales people and corporate office. I have no doubt Arett will continue to grow and have continued success in the marketplace.”

2013 Seasonal Showcase Customer Testimonials

Testimonials_HeaderThe 2013 Seasonal Showcase kicked-off with record attendance. Retailers from the Northeast, Mid-West, and Mid-Atlantic traveled to Somerset, NJ to finalize their Spring Lawn & Garden purchasing and plan for the 2013 Christmas/Holiday retail season.

Joining Arett’s already strong list of Lawn & Garden offerings were 30+ new vendors; including Regal Art & Gift, Woman’s Work Gloves, and Massarelli’s. The highlight of the Seasonal Showcase was the recent addition of Good Tidings. Good Tidings, along with offerings from sources such as General Electric & Gemmy, makes Arett Sales a true one-stop shop for Christmas/Holiday retailers.

Customer Testimonials:

  • Robert James (The Garden Factory) – “I just want to thank Scott Billings and the Arett group for a great show. Coming from the Chicago lawn and garden market and going to shows for over 20 years I was very impressed with the wide range of products shown and the organization of the February Showcase. Our team at The Garden Factory looks forward to future shows with Arett and using them as one of our GO TO suppliers. Thanks again for making it such an enjoyable event.”
  • John Bergantino (Bergantino Agway) – “Gave us the ability to find a few more Lawn & Garden lines, finalize our Holiday purchasing, and we are interested in the cleaning category.”
  • Jennifer Assented (Gardens of the World) – “The show was great and I’m glad that I attended.”
  • Tom Wheeler (AW Brown) – “The February 2013 Arett Showcase was well attended by a variety of vendors that helped us find some new products and wrap up our seasonal buying. With the recent changes in the industry, Arett has positioned themselves well and with their support we expect to have a great spring!”
  • Dale Harding (Harding’s Willow Brook Farms) – “Great show. Everyone was very informative and friendly. Good price points on items. The food was extraordinary .
  • Shawn Bosco (Bosco’s Garden Mart) – “Great place to see first hand all of the holiday items and if you had missed something from Open House it was here. Great time and good people.”
  • John Duda (Class Grass Garden Center) – “Super show! I was able to find all of those special items I was looking for. Thank you Arett for a great experience.”
  • Jill Kelley (Paul and Sandy’s Too) – “Good show to see & network with other industry people and share ideas to grow your business. It’s a one-stop shop. I don’t need to attend any other holiday shows.”
  • Diane Therrien (Mackey’s) – “We thought the show was great. Good mix of products, good ideas, good food, and best of all, a great group of people! These shows are a great time to interact with fellow dealers, learn new things and get inspired! Thank You!”
  • Denise Cunningham (Spillane’s Nursery) – “The show was great and had a lot of vendors I needed to see.”
  • Mark Press (Hudson Valley Nursery) – “Best Showcase ever!”
  • Lenny Scinto (Designs by Lee) – “The Showcase was great! I liked the new vendors and great to see the Good Tidings line.”
  • Kevin Murphy (Watson’s Garden Center) – “ Nice show lay-out for dealers buying either both categories or only one. Comfortable atmosphere-wide isles & plenty of order writing areas. More L&G vendors than expected which was great particularily this year. Addition of Good Tidings allowed Arett an expanded selection & helps prioritize us as an almost full line Christmas source.”

Arett Sales Acquires Good Tidings


Earlier this year, Arett Sales acquired Commerce’s Good Tidings division, a well-respected, highly successful brand that has been integral to the holiday business of many independent retailers. Arett will continue to provide the same high-quality merchandise and top notch customer service that Good Tidings customers have come to expect.

The Good Tidings showroom will remain open and supported by the same knowledgeable team at its current location in Baltimore, MD through March 15th, 2013. Appointments can be made by calling Dottie at 410-360-6614410-360-6614 or by sending an email to goodtidingins@arett.com.

Many first time Good Tidings customers were amazed with the quality and product selection offered at the Seasonal Showcase. The Good Tidings buying team works throughout the year sourcing new products and trends.

LED lights will continue to be a growing category with many new lighting options. Our Good Tidings light sets carry the longest warranty in the business and our packaging sets a new standard. Battery operated lighting is a growing category. Our Twelve 25 collection of trees includes PVC and PE in pencil, slim, medium, and full silhouettes. New styles in alpines and seedlings will be available. Tabletop trees continue to be strong. New styles in flocked trees and tinsel trees will be on display.

Our Trim-A-Tree area will feature all new themes for 2013. We will have many decorated trees in the showroom created for our trend package:

  • Old Hollywood Glamour – A sophisticated grouping of luxurious components and soft understated colorations. Look for soft, satin pastel ornaments in grey and blue, celery and ivory, blush and champagne, soft copper and cream.
  • Frost Collection – Our best-selling and most fun loving group. Red and white predominate with a touch of lime green, creating unique looks. Everyone’s favorite snowmen, snowflakes, and candy canes are shown on green, red, and white trees.
  • Holiday Naturals – The bounty of nature inspires this collection featuring birds, owls, and forest animals. Natural greenery, berries, pine cones and twigs accent this grouping.
  • Traditional Collection – This collection will incorporate our fondest memories of Christmas. Colors of red, green, gold, and silver are the mainstay of this grouping.

Good Tidings also offers a wide assortment of Halloween and Fall Collections. These collections have been expanded to include lots of new “scary” stuff-goblins, monsters, and ghouls! Also, check out our extension Scarecrow collection.

Watch the Good Tidings YouTube Video.