Kinex – The Next Generation of Classic Watering

Successful Watering

Gardeners come in all ages, genders and levels of experience. One thing that all gardeners can agree on is the enjoyment of an attractive landscape. Whether the motivation is strictly aesthetic with the potential of increased property values or based on wanting to grow fresh, healthy food; watering is important to results.

The Kinex Difference

Kinex was introduced to the trade at the 2011 National Hardware Show. The management team has over 80 years of combined experience in watering, and we know that all watering products are not equal. The Kinex goal is to offer dependable, quality products that provide good value and keep consumers satisfied and returning for more. For 2014, the product line will be almost 3 times our first offering. Over 70 key items are stocked in the Arett warehouse.

There are detailed standards for every product offered. Quality testing is done during manufacturing and again when goods are put into inventory. The majority of Kinex products are covered by a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. Kinex also has several patented nozzles that have been through our exclusive Zero Drip Technology™ process that brings a new level of quality to hose end products with a focus on continuous improvement and eliminating key consumer complaints like leaking.

Recommending A Sprinkler

Watering effectively often starts with questions like what are you watering, how big is the area to be watered, how often will the area be watered, what type of soil is being watered?

Consider not just questions, but recommend a trend in live goods. Gardeners are being encouraged to plant smarter by grouping plants with similar watering requirements together so wet and dry zones are more manageable.

Oscillating sprinklers always do well because of their ease of use. They are also excellent for newly seeded lawns due to their gentler, more rain-like spray. They come sized for medium to larger yard sizes and are adjustable. Oscillators, more than other types of sprinklers do require good water pressure to offer full coverage.

Impulse sprinklers are ideal for larger yard areas and can be adjusted from full to part circle, with both distance and spray control features. With heavy clay soil areas, a sled base is much easier to use than a spike.

Small area sprinklers allow for targeted watering. Most units provide a single pattern that can be matched to the area to be watered. Another option is a turret sprinkler that has a dial with as many as 9 pattern choices from one sprinkler.

Also, encourage customers to water early in the day so the water can be used by the plants during the day and early enough to not burn plants while the water is drying.

All About Nozzles

Nozzles are great multi-taskers. One minute, it’s the geraniums, and the next, on to washing the car. Offer an assortment of features and sizes in nozzles, as not all nozzles fit all hands comfortably. Dial nozzles with multiple patterns offer the maximum versatility, but standard pistol grips and the brass twist nozzle have been best sellers for years. Be sure to add some of the newer designs with the large thumb control – very easy for older hands and smaller hands to use. It’s also a good idea to offer some specialized nozzles for customers with particular applications such as hot water use.

What Else About Watering?

The basics of sprinklers and nozzles take their potential to the next level when combined with accessories like flow control connectors, quick connectors, and timers. In particular the full flow shut-offs and y connectors offer much larger control knobs that can be gripped comfortably, even when wearing gloves.

Hose repair is another important part of watering. Available in a variety of materials and designs, be sure to offer choices. The Kinex poly and metal clamshell style offer larger clamps and longer, stainless steel screws, much better suited to securely repairing the larger diameter of today’s premium garden hoses.

And the list could go on! Consider Kinex for your watering needs, it’s where experience and attention to detail do make a difference!

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