Dr. Earth Multiplies Your Profits With Marketing Innovation

outlook_D71_banner.jpgYou know that sick feeling you get when you see a customer walk out empty-handed and drive off, taking your profits with them. You need sales, and you just lost one. Maybe you were busy helping someone else, didn’t have enough employees on hand, or for whatever reason couldn’t connect with that prospect in time before they slipped away. And what if they never come back?

At Dr. Earth, we understand the challenges and concerns of independent nursery owners. We’re in business to meet your needs, exclusively. We don’t deal with those big box stores that compete with you unfairly. Instead, we offer a brilliant innovation to increase your profits: kit branding. Our Recipe For Success Kits make marketing so simple, so bold and beautiful, and so compelling, that you’ll wonder how you ever did business without them.

Here’s what often happens with worn-out, conventional retail approaches—

As potential customer Sally Brown drives along on a spring day, she sees your colorful nursery and can’t resist stopping. She comes in, wanders around, and decides to pick up a $2.00 tomato plant. Then, Sally remembers that she needs fertilizer. In fact, she should get some potting soil too, as well as insect and disease control products.

She starts looking. Wow. So many choices, in so many locations, require her to search far and wide. She picks up (and puts down) numerous products. The label information is either too vague or too confusing. Sally sighs and looks at her watch. Then she abandons her cart, taking only her $2.00 plant to the checkout. Or maybe she abandons that too. When it comes to customers, confuse them and you lose them.

Now, imagine the Kit Branding Difference:

Sally Brown is in a hurry. She only recently got into gardening and feels a little insecure, but she’d like to grow a tomato plant in a pot on her deck. Here’s where your green goods and hard goods team up for maximized profits; next to your tomato plants, you’ve set up a super-colorful Dr. Earth display that offers everything she needs in a gorgeous, eye-catching kit, an irresistible temptation that saves her time, trouble, and confusion, thereby making her happy.

The Dr. Earth Recipe For Success Kit For Vegetables, now in Sally’s cart, is only the beginning. What if she buys several types of plants and kits to match? Your profits increase exponentially with each combination. And by assuring her success, you’ve gained a loyal customer.

Our custom-designed kits target the essentials of successful gardening, everything needed to plant, provide, and protect. Each includes soil, fertilizer, and insect and disease control products, reinforced by the brand power of Probiotic. They focus the concept of one-stop-shopping to a sharper point than ever before.

Dr. Earth® carefully coordinated formulas and label designs in specific categories, so you can easily combine and display them as attractive kits such as:

  • Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting
  • Mother Land All Purpose Planting
  • Home Grown Vegetable Gardens
  • Natural Wonder Fruit Trees
  • Flower Girl Bud & Bloom Booster
  • Total Advantage Rose & Flower Gardens
  • Organic Medicine Gardens

To succeed in your business, it’s essential to recognize the trends that drive your industry. As you already know, going “green” equals “green.” But remember that long before organic became the commodity it is today, it was already the passion of the Dr. Earth Company. Organic is not only what we’ve been about since 1992; it’s all we’ve been about. As an industry leader, Dr. Earth has a track record and credibility like no one else, because of our integrity and unequaled quality, and expertise. Long ago, we built the brand that changed America.

Your success is our success, and it all starts with your customers’ success. The recipe for that success is Kit Branding, yet another Dr. Earth innovation for hardworking, independent nursery owners, like you. Taste the victory.

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